Final Fantasy XIV

1) Begin with the Free Trial
You already know, FFXIV is not a Final Fantasy like everyone else (if you exclude FFXI). It is a MMORPG that by nature has a setting and structure different from its predecessors: more open and absolutely non-linear. Also, it’s good to make sure that the game is completely localized in English and not even elementary if we want to say it all. Especially in relation to other members of the genre.
We know that for many of you the presence or absence of the Italian language is a decisive factor in the purchase of a title and that is why, before you head to the FFXIV universe, we recommend that you approach it through the Free Trial, that is a limited version of the playable title completely free of charge.
Free Trial will give you access to many of the basic content of the game accessible up to level 35, enough to give you a more clear idea of ​​the game, giving you a way to decide if it is worth then investing the 12 euros a month needed to keep playing.
Who then thinks that paying a monthly fee, other than the ones spent on the purchase of the game, are too many, we want to point out that every 3 months Final Fantasy XIV is updated with giant patches that introduce so many new content that can entertain you for smoothed amounts hours. A Free-To-Play, or a non-canon game, could not offer you the same stuff
Final Fantasy XIV, 5 tips to start playing today
2) Choose the class
In FFXIV, there are currently 15 classes to choose from, but at the beginning of the game you will be invited to choose only one of the 9 available. Classes are divided into 3 groups: Tank, Healer and DPS.
The Tank is the role of the one who protects the party members by constantly keeping the enemy’s attention high on his own, with high defenses and many HP.
The Healer is the classic curator who has to keep the HP players (especially that of the Tank) at best. It will also have to deal with some buff, eliminate negative status, and resuscitate fallen party members in battle. Finally, DPS is the only one who has to worry about doing as much damage as possible to enemies.
They are divided into 3 types: Melee (close combat), Physical Ranged (remote physical combat) and Magical Ranged (distance magic combat). Do not give too much weight to this choice, indeed, you may initially opt for a DPS to proceed in a shipped way quickly by defeating the monsters of the first missions.
 Once you reach level 10, you will be unlocked with the armoury system, which means you will be able to change your class simply by replacing the main weapon you are equipped with. In this way, at any time, you will have the opportunity to try all the classes you want and find the one that suits your style of play.
There is no better class than the other, there is only the one who enjoys more.
Final Fantasy XIV, 5 tips to start playing today
3) Enjoy the story
Trust when we tell you that Final Fantasy XIV is probably one of the most beautiful stories ever told in the whole Square-Enix saga and is probably one of the main reasons why it deserves to be played, especially for those who call themselves fans of the series.
In addition to the inherent quality of the plot, dialogue and characterization of the many characters, the fantastic thing about the main missions needed to advance in the game is that they are designed to grow the player in a homogeneous, continuous and intelligent manner.
Through the main missions, you will get enough equipment, money and experience points to never have to worry about indulging in boring grind and farm phases.
In addition, advancing in history will prove necessary to unlock dungeons and boss fights (called Trial) that will serve you in the future to unlock Duty Roulette and benefit from their daily rewards (especially useful during Endgame).
For this reason, the first thing to think about once the game is started is to focus only on the completion of the main storyline (which however does not have a real end because it is constantly expanded every 3 months through the special patch).
Try to be patient with the first quests as they may be a little banal and logical, but they have the important task of introducing you mechanics and teaching you to move around the world of gaming.
Final Fantasy XIV, 5 tips to start playing today
4) Svagatevi
Between a texture mission and the other, you might feel the need to break away a moment and devote yourself to something more relaxing to rest your fingers and mind.
The ways to do this are varied and the first thing that comes to mind is to go to the Gold Saucer, or the amusement park inspired by FFVII. Inside the park, you will be able to indulge yourself with a vast range of mini-games through which you can accumulate MGP, points to spend for unique equipment, mounts, minions or cards to add to your Triple Triad bunch. Yes, you have heard well, the famous FFVIII card game is also present in FFXIV and will allow you to challenge NPCs or players. The rules and the mechanics are absolutely identical to those seen in the eighth chapter.
Always remaining on the theme of minigames, we also point out the presence of Lord of Verminion, a activity where you can use your minions as creatures to be fielded to challenge other players to those who first destroy the opposing crystals.
Finally, not to mention the Chocobo Racing, or the races with the famous puppets of the series, also took paro paro from FFVII. By training your Chocobo, you can then make them compete against those of other players by making them rise to rank, needed to access increasingly challenging challenges.
If minigames are not of interest to you, then you might want to consider the idea of ​​leveling up a crafting class (object creation) or gathering (resource collection), especially that of the Fisher, since fishing is the ideal sport for those who want to relax.
If not even crafting or gathering tease you, then the sound and competitive PVP (players against players) might be your case. The ways you approach yourself are different: you can choose something more intimate as a 4vs4 with The Wolves’ Den, or just drop in the frontline melee, a challenge where 3 teams composed of 24 players will compete for the most points.
Final Fantasy XIV, 5 tips to start playing today
5) Find someone to play with
Let’s face it, Final Fantasy XIV is studied quietly for being played entirely alone. Even where you are asked for a 4-8 player party (like dungeons or boss fighters), thanks to a system called Duty Finder, you can find people with whom to accomplish your goals without necessarily having to interact with they.
However, it is always good to remember that we are within a MMORPG and that the social component has a value to be underestimated.
On the Ragnarok server, within the Chaos Data Center, the Italian community is very active and is full of linkshell or free company (the equivalent of a guild) who are constantly searching for new people to make friends. Not only will you be useful in moments of difficulty when you need help or clarification, but it is also a way to spend good goliard moments with other people, talking about the more and the less.
Anyone who has lived the life of an MMORPG can safely confirm how many beautiful friendships have been born within the game, giving birth to wonderful memories that will remain forever in the heart of those who have lived there. There is nothing more satisfying than experiencing an adventure like FFXIV in the company of people you can define as friends,