“Fight and survive”: Neil Drackmann turned to the players, all editions of The Last of Us: Part II became available for purchase in Russia

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Today June 19, which means that the gloomy premiere of the gloomy adventure thriller has already taken place The Last of Us: Part II from studio Naughty dog and companies Sony.

The pre-release period for such a large project, which was expected by millions, turned out, to put it mildly, not the most successful – the game was postponed several times, and the shifted sales start schedule smoothly flowed into a massive sequence of leaks revealing critical plot details, which in turn resulted in a series of various scandals and extremely heated discussions on various social platforms.

Separate oil added to the fire and large-scale investigation journalist Jason Schreierwithin which he caught Naughty dog in systematic processing and an unhealthy work culture that prompted the authors The Last of Us: Part II additional worries and extra attention in an already crisis situation.

But now all the troubles are behind, and the collective Naughty dog finally, he can breathe deeply and enjoy a well-deserved rest, while studying the reaction of the players to his new creation.

On this occasion, the players personally addressed Neil Drackmann – development manager The Last of Us: Part II. The game designer left a short note on the official PlayStation blog, which aims to set customers to the right tone before they plunge into the gloomy realities of everyday life Ellie.

“The following words were waiting in the wings for many years: The Last of Us: Part II released!

When we set about creating this project, we perfectly understood the risks. We are extremely lucky that many of you sincerely loved the original game, which could leave such a lasting impression.

As for you, the heroes of this game and their stories mean a lot to us. That is why we very responsibly approached the issue of returning to this gloomy world with the goal of telling about another adventure. To be honest, for a long time we even argued about whether to support this initiative. But the situation turned around in such a way that we arrived at a central narrative idea that really inspired us. We came to something truly exciting and organic for The Last of Us universe. But more importantly, we felt that we were literally obliged to tell this story.

At first, you can take the story as a banal “revenge story”, but the deeper you immerse yourself in the events, the more depth the thematic foundation begins to gain. The Last of Us: Part II is a story about obsession and how far a person is willing to go for justice and those who are dear to him. At what point do you just have to step back? And at what moment do you need to continue to fight, despite any casualties? Part II is a story of pain, atonement, and compassion.

Seven years ago, we started developing a game that will build on these complex ideas. Since then, hundreds of talented professionals have dedicated their lives to turning our vision into reality.

We created a character-centric plot that focuses on real, far from ideal people and the difficult decisions that they have to make. Experiencing this journey, we hope to make you laugh, sob, and even experience some of the burdens of the heroes in emotionally difficult episodes. But most importantly, we want to believe that this game will push you to heated debate and debate, as it was inside our team.

On behalf of all Naughty Dog employees – thank you for being part of this adventure.

Until next time, Fight and Survive!

– Neal ”

Now The Last of Us: Part IIreleased exclusively on Playstation 4 and which is a real swan song of a quit console, can be freely purchased from any retailer or in a digital store Playstation store.

In Russia, all editions and thematic accessories are available. For example, the Videoigr.net store offers the game itself for 4.490 rubleslimited bundle with PlayStation 4 Pro for 37,990 rublesheadset Gold Wireless Headset The Last of Us Part II Limited Edition for 7,790 rubles and controller DualShock 4 The Last of Us Part II Edition for 5,490 rubles.

And if you have not yet qualified for a purchase, then you can always familiarize yourself with our continuous review and appreciate the beauty of the graphics on selection of vivid screenshots.

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