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From Puritans to Eden’s Gate
First came the Puritans. Their vision affirmed in England during the sixteenth century, and was opposed to the glamor and corruption of the Anglican Church. Once in Massachusetts in the first half of the seventeenth century after the landing of the pilgrim fathers, the Puritans went to New England.
Their lifestyle was very strict, and their existence was based on individual growth, by observing rigid rules that concerned the different aspects of everyday life such as clothing, food and alcohol. They also used to cut their ears to those who blaspheme and frustrate those who had a different faith before drove them out of the community. In queens on Rhode Island and then in Pennsylvania,.
They were not very different from the Puritans because they too were for a return to the Primitive Church and were against the assumption of alcohol; But they repressed violence, slavery, and they promoted the use of equal suits for all. But if Puritans and quakers originated in Europe, the Mormons represented a typically American community. Guided by Joseph Smith (the name of the bad guy of Far Cry 5 Joseph Seed is a reminder?), They settled in the 19th century before in Illinois and later in Utah, where 72% of the community still lives today.
The Mormon case is part of the utopian philosophical spread of those years, which aimed at experimenting with community life with the aim of pursuing happiness, following the principle of the American Declaration of Independence of 1776. In the nineteenth century, the group known as Ku Klux Klan , the famous “circle of brothers”, occupied in events involving wood-burning crosses, massacres African American people, and other barbarians .
Known for his racist vision, Ku Klux Klan actually originates in religion: according to one’s interpretation of the Bible, members of the Klu Klux Klan, who were strictly WASP (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant), were justified in carrying out acts of “purification” of people who are inferior to both African Americans and Jews.
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It was enough to sum up about two centuries of history to name some of the religious communities that spread to the United States. Between Puritans, Quakers, Mormons, and Ku Klux Klan, the Sect Driven by Joseph Seed in Far Cry 5 does not seem so amazing, yet one thing is the nineteenth century, another is our day. The interesting aspect is that even in the United States there are histories of religious folly. Surely the most famous case is that of Jim Jones , founder and preacher of the Temple of the People.
A controversial and unhealthy figure who probably abused his followers, but above all was the creator of one of the most famous mass suicides: In 1978, near the town of Jonestown (founded by him), in the middle of the jungle of Guyana, he killed 909 people by offering them a cyanide cocktail to get salvation from Evil, probably referring to atomic warfare. During the Cold War, the spectrum of nuclear holocaust was widespread in the United States.
In Montana, in 1983, Elizabeth Claire Prophet organized her triumphant and universal Church in order to cope with the atomic war between Russia and the United States. Adepts made anti-atomic bunkers and created a real arsenal of weapons, developing an interest in survivalism. In the absence of a nuclear holocaust, Elizabeth took the credit for having fired the end of the world through her prayers.
These are just a few examples because we have missed Scientology, Pastafarianism and who knows what other religious beliefs are hiding in immense America. What has been said so far surely allows you to better frame the setting of the new Far Cry 5
Far Cry 5
. A choice that is not to be understood as innovative but as an intelligent move based on well-anchored traditions in US history. And with this I do not refer to violence in religion, as to the emergence of preachers who dissociate themselves from canonical doctrine. This finds expression in the game through the contrast between the prophet Joseph Seed and his father Jerome Jeffries, one of the characters appearing in the recently released trailers.
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