Berserk and the Band of the Hawk

In this way, a truly faithful adventure to the original manga (and later anime) that has been with us for many years is born, this being one of its most striking and plausible aspects of the many that it presents … although this is also true that add some minor defect that later we will review.


I’m not going to go around the bush about one of the key aspects of both the original work and this adaptation of Tecmo Koei. Yes,


we talk about the adult and gore tone that the title presents, being a very violent game and in which it is possible to witness liters of blood sprouting from the corpses of the adversaries as well as certain mutilated members flying from one side to the other of the sets .



Gore at point-blank range

Guts , the main protagonist of this production, is not a precisely patient or pious type. The opposite rather. This character seeks revenge, so it enters a world that at first is rather quiet but, as it progresses, it becomes increasingly hostile and fanciful. And I

do not want to explain much more about his argument for not disclosing too relevant data, but undoubtedly the plot has more crumb than often give us other titles of this same style.


Berserk and the Band of the Hawk Analysis

During the battles it is possible to witness quite gore scenes where blood and dismemberments appear incessantly.

What I can say is that it is possible to enjoy a tremendously faithful argument to what was developed in the original work, ranging from the arch


of the Golden Ageto The Millennium Falcon , which means many volumes of the original manga compressed in the same game . A great incentive for fans of the saga. But there are others …


Focusing on battles, the main pillar on which the adventure rests, these are as abundant as they are frantic. Throughout a wide range of levels we must guide both Guts and other controllable characters that can be unlocked (such as Griffit


h, Zodd, Casca, etc.) and go down as undesirable put in front. And to give them wax we can make use of a wide range of attacks, combos and special blows, which are as varied and spectacular as expected.


Berserk and the Band of the Hawk PC

We have a good representative of the Musou style hack’n slash games

In this sense they emphasize the powerful attacks Death Blow , some demolishing movements that we can carry out when the turn scorebo

ard allows it to us and that they can end dozens of rivals of a tacada. As beastly as effective. Nor do I want to ignore the final battles that, from time to time, we have to face, confrontations that usually bring the most exciting moments that the game provides us.


Berserk and the Band of the Hawk

Berserk and the Band of the Hawk PC

We can fight with Guts like this with another series of controllable characters that we can go on enabling as we move forward.

What more inducements does the title present than fight? Well not too many, since it is a Musou after all, although some do present. On the one hand, before starting each game it is possible to dress our characters with specific objects and pieces of equipment


that offer us certain advantages in combat. Also, in many occasions it is possible to witness sequences taken from the anime that provide a greater package to the set, scenes that like the whole game are in Japanese with English subtitles .


In addition to this, the adventure also allows us to enjoy several game modes in addition to the main one. The first is Free Mode , a classic in the works of Omega Force that invites us to overcome the phases that we have already fulfilled in the Story mode with th


e character we want. But more interest has the so-called Eclipse Mode , which is made up of several missions in survival plan that prolong quite the already extensive life of the title.