In Faeria there and story. By design, the player – is the local god. But the trouble is that such gods in the world Faeria set. And each considers itself better than others, so everything is at war with everyone. To the endless war for domination and joins a gamer.

The plot, however, is not implemented in the game itself, as it did, for example, The Elder Scrolls: Legends, but the creators promise in the future add-ons storyline campaign.


The dominance of the elements


Faeria – a unique hybrid game mechanic Hearthstone, Magic: The Gathering and Duelyst. The developers have taken a little of each project and did their atmospheric, exciting and worthy of attention the game. Card battles here are not the usual tables, and on the battlefields.

At the beginning of the fight Ocean extends between the characters. But in addition to laying cards, the player needs to create hexagonal water plots of land. It can be as neutral land area and one of the four available types of tiles – forests, lakes, mountains or deserts. Each type correspond to their cards – green (forest), blue (lake), red (mountains) and yellow (deserts).

On the amount of land one way or another depend on the land, if you can call on the necessary elements of the map. For example, it is necessary to play on the battlefield map with forest creatures. To call it will require not only a certain amount of mana, but also the land of this type.


Faeria - review
We meditate, what a surprise to throw our opponent.


card type and affects its behavior, and the ability on the battlefield. For example, characters from the blue elements are moved even the landless and sites faster than others collect mana.

Being from a family of red mana cost little, causing great damage, but have a small amount of health points. Characters yellow element fly long distances and being designed with green cards slightly beaten, but endowed with considerable health. In addition to the cards of the same color, there Faeria gray and colored maps.

The characters on the battlefield, they are weak, but often carry a gain for a friendly card or treatment for a hero. In addition to natural features, maps and have additional properties. For example, a card designed with the ability to “taunt” does not allow cards to nearby enemy to move, until it was destroyed.

It is also important that natural cards only appear on your plot of land. Therefore, the correct location of the land on the battlefield affect the course and the pace of the battle.

For example, some upset desired land near his character, mana accumulate, calling powerful cards and then attack the enemy. Others just try to build the land closer to the enemy hero and how to attack the enemy faster. An additional source of mana mana act wells. On each side of the battlefield they are in number of two pieces.

If the hero is put near a source map (character), then such a well will produce in one turn one point of mana. Regardless of the seized wells, each character gets a single turn of the three points of a valuable resource. As a result, if you capture all four sources, over the course of each hero will receive seven mana.

In FaeriaThere are three modes of the game. This is a standard single player, battle against other players and the mode of “Pandora”.

With a single game everything is clear: fight with the computer, studying the features of the gameplay, we learn not only play strong cards, but the right to build land quickly capture wells mana and understand the differences of the project from the competition.