Expeditions: Viking

Interest in the project even more fueled, it is an ideological continuation of a very successful tactical RPG Expeditions: Conquistador , which was released in 2013, the year and presents a fascinating cocktail of King’s Bounty , text quests and strategies about the survival of the Spaniards in the world of the New World.

The Expeditions: Vikingthere are new mechanics (of which later), changed the setting, text quests almost disappeared, but in general everything is familiar: a detachment of assorted characters, specialists in various crafts and fighting style, moves on the global map, collecting resources, breaks camp, quests, fighting step by step on the terrain. We Trust “pump”, communicate with them, feed them, Holim, nurture and solve their personal problems.

Only a global map is now two-dimensional, and moves on it is not a horse, and Drakkar, well, or just the icon, indicating our Hird, ie the Scandinavian squad combat. Action Expeditions: Viking, Which is logical, it is set in the Viking Age Scandinavia (namely in the 790th AD) with all the consequences – raids on the coast of England and monasteries, feasts, dashing fights and offerings of one or the Torah.

But at the same time, as in the Expeditions: Conquistador , there is almost no magic and mysticism, all broadly in line with historical realities. Huge giants are just thieves overgrown, mythical infernal dog Barghest – big mad dog, and the spirits guarding the treasure in a vault – skinny hungry poor wretches, immured in a dungeon.

You can give the ship any name and choose its specialization in manufacturing, depending on the material.


Vikings to the rescue!

Our Viking interested in more mundane things – the strengthening and elevation of his own clan, which has got the main character after the disappearance somewhere beyond the seas of his father, finding resources, allies, wood for the ship, the struggle with competitors, and other contenders for leadership.

And when in the second half of the game, our hero in search of his father and glory together with his retinue arrives to the shores of England, starting even more realistic (and more interesting) things: participation in the clashes between the two kings in the struggle for the throne, or, for example, among the Gentiles, Christians and the different trends in Christianity.

In the process, you can maintain different sides and in different ways to achieve the goal. For example, to kill a group of pagans with children who are being persecuted by angry Christians, and enlist the support of the latter, to work together to defeat the damned cultists, fans of Romulus and Remus brothers who drink milk white wolf and hinder our progress through the story. Or, conversely, to save the Gentiles, and thus impress volkolyubov.

And you can do not to kill anyone, but simply to bring the body of a white wolf cultists – though it does not need to kill, but just cut down.

It uses non-lethal in battle mode, where enemies do not die and fall to the ground exhausted. It is one of special Expeditions: Viking , which often allows us to find creative solutions to quests.

In general, like Expeditions: Conquistador , the whole game is imbued with non-linearity – and global showdowns between kings or heating elements, and more mundane matters. Plenty of quests, they are in their own interest, and almost everyone can be solved in several ways.

And if the dilemma about who of the two respectable families Vikings stole a pig, followed by the whole investigation raises a smile, then the problem of how to deal with a group of orphans, terrorizing the whole city, forcing a frown. Kill gadonyshey (but they are also more children!),

Beat them to a pulp or offer to move in their possession? However, in the latter case, in another quest you must have these properties in advance of the release of the former owners, killing or expelling including women.

In addition to ready-made characters with their own personalities and personal stories can be created and more faceless, but no less valuable mercenaries.

Yes, despite the kidnapping of pigs and other humor that often occurs here, in Expeditions: Viking , as in Tyranny , is allowed to be bad and very bad.

You can raid his Drakkar, insidiously killing interlocutors directly during a call, buy slaves and to transform them, to rob the church and openly declare English kings and peasants: I came to rob and kill, and not to seek alliances and trade routes. Or is it to win back the good-natured and diplomat, causing some grumbling especially bearded Viking in his Hird.