New Eden

Every resident of New Eden was the beginning of his journey through the universe. Since the MMORPG EVE Online different from other modern projects, not everyone can easily adapt to its environment. That is why we have prepared a set of rules that can be useful to the beginner. Primarily young kapsulera memo reveals the essence of New Eden, describing the points that are unlikely to be announced in advertisements and articles.

Who knows, maybe some of them even save you from making mistakes and help you be more comfortable to get used to the game.

  • Be prepared for losses. New Eden is not forgiving. Everything on which you are flying, that set the ship and ship can be destroyed. So try not to spend all their capital, and psychologically prepare, that the departure from the station on the ship he was to you poteryan.Unichtozhenny ship only a matter of time. There is always someone who is better piloting skills, more experience, knowledge, friends, or simply the luck on his side. Pray that do not meet this kapsulera.

    Virtually every loss in EVE Online – is only your fault. And only yours.

  • Danger literally everywhere. Although the EVE Online universe and consists of various types of space with the gradation level of security, you can kill not only at stations. During the undocking, you automatically agree to participate in PvP battles. Even if you do not want this. And sometimes high-Seki are much more dangerous than the sectors with low or zero degree of safety. Always be ready for it. The only possibility to safely remain in space – hang on seyfspote active Cloquet (masking module).

    Coming out of the game, being in the open space, you will be safe only after a minute. In the case of active pvp-timer this time increases to 15 minutes.

  • The New Eden no rules and laws. That is why there are so developed espionage, fraud and theft. Trust only yourself. Always be alert and suspicious. Never let the corporate rights of those in whom are not sure at 100%. In this game a freebie – a luxury. If you offer something for free, chances are you already in the field of unfair kapsulerov. Paranoia will not only help to survive, but also save your game assets.

    Here, there is no concept of fair or unfair battle. You can meet the most different number of enemies at any desired vessels. And almost all of them no matter you are a beginner or not, what you do and what the summer.

  • Experience is more important than money and pumping. EVE Online is not a game where you can buy a character in-game currency and quietly go to destroy the enemy. If you want it to do so, you have already lost. Of course a large supply of ISOC with good bleed the character play a role. But much more important and useful to have the necessary experience and knowledge. They can really help you in a variety of situations. Meet old characters do not make hasty conclusions. Throughout most of his life he could learn skills related to non-combat activities, or completely different types of ships and weapons. But it may be the opposite situation, when a young character will run an experienced player, a thorough knowledge of the mechanics of EVE Online.
  • More – does not mean better. Unlike other online projects there is no place exclusively vertical progress. Each ship has its own purpose. If it is larger in size, so he had better protection and firepower, but at the same time his speed and agility gives smaller ships. Similarly with the cost of more expensive price tag does not always mean excellence in performance. Tech 2 variations can be better and cheaper, but more demanding on the resources of the ship. And sometimes no better or cheaper or not that and not another. Therefore, a careful approach to the selection of the ship and the module.
  • The universe of New Eden do not like haste. You will not be able to experience the game in the first hour of the game. War between major forces here last for years. And the expression “Revenge – a dish that should be served cold” is revealed in full. So do not rush, plan their development and learn all that you get. This will help information windows. Before departure, check the ship’s insurance and modules installed on it. Do not forget about ammunition or probes to scan.