Those employees of Valve who programmed in their spare time a mod of Counter Strikewith zombies that ended up becoming Left 4 Dead launch with Evolve their second job, completely independent of the company of Gabe Newell as Turtle Rock and with the project strengthened after its acquisition for 2K after the bankruptcy and auction of the THQ IPs.

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The approach of this is similar, and is based on a cooperative FPS experience to four players, but changes zombies for a fearsome and powerful monster in a tribute to films of the action genre with exponents with Predator or Aliens: The Return ,


and that introduces another player into his control in what results acompetitive asymmetric 4 vs 1. Evolve is a hunt in which a group of four hunters participate with very differentiated roles, compensated and that work for the solidity of the unit: the trapper will


have to track and trap the monster in a dome, the assault cause most of the damage, support reinforce and assist in other tasks, and the doctorkeep your partners alive.


But Evolve classes are quite versatile and we find very offensive doctors, assault with the ability to delimit perimeters with mines, or trappers that are tremendously useful for their ability to disable the monster.


The twelve hunters who debutan offer very different profiles, ideal for designing strategies crossed with each other and specifically for according to which game modes and with the beast to hunt in mind.

Evolve (PC) screenshot

On the other side, a monster , a colossus in gestation that will become unstoppable if the hunters do not beat it in time. And there lies one of the most interesting points of Evolve , the intensity of the persecution : the hunters will have to manage to catch the monster before it feeds on wild fauna and evolves in its three stages. The first one presents a premature monster, which can hardly face its four rivals. In the second it is already possible to face them in equal conditions.


But it is in the third when it becomes a mass of destruction that will be very difficult to knock down. Hence, the Hunting mode, the first to be revealed,


is an authentic time trial following trails, trees lying down, birds flying, footsteps and using sensors, radioactive dust and even tracking animals in order to hunt as soon as possible.

Evolve includes three game modes in addition to Hunting : Nest will offer strategic options to have to destroy six monster eggs distributed on the map and that the animal can incubate to have a mini-Goliath support, Rescue will force us to find, cure and extract three groups of settlers before the monster hits them and eliminates them, and Defense , puts us as the last barrier


before a wave of Goliaths commanded by a level 3 monster destroys the defenses of a colonist base and prevents the transport with the survivors take off.


These four modes have been incorporated into a five-day Left 4 Dead style campaign called EvacuationIn it players and monster play a total of five rounds, applying modifiers for victory on the stage, fauna and other elements, in a succession of the four modes that are voted before the start of the game.


The last day always closes with a round of Defense, which closes the campaign. It is fun, it gives a feeling of a basted conflict, with intermediate sequences depending


on the map, level and the advantages that have been applied and it usually lasts around 45 minutes. The narrative is testimonial, but not only in the campaign, but in the whole game, which prefers to contextualize its script through dialogues and data that we know only without giving them interest.

Evolve (PC) screenshotEvolve (PC) screenshot