$ 2.9 Million Prototype: First Demonstration of Corsairs: Black Label Presented

Studio Black Sun Game Publishing published the first gameplay video of the game “Corsairs: Black Mark” (Corsairs: Black Spot). In addition, in December, the official website of the project was launched.

The continuation of the cult series of Russian-made games is based on the engine Unreal engine 4. As the developers note, the video presents a pre-alpha version of the prototype, and this is visible to the naked eye, because what is happening more closely resembles the Target Render.

If players want to become backers, then they have a choice of 15 options. The cheapest (“Powder Monkey Set”) costs 309.53 rubles: mention in the credits, a special forum icon, access to the developers forum. The most expensive option (“The Set of the Vice King”) will cost 619,057 rubles and provide access to more than forty rewards: from a fabric card to unique ships and statues in honor of the user on one of the archipelagos inside the game.

Through the new site, Black Sun Game Publishing intends to raise funds for the development of the game. The team hopes to raise about $ 2.9 million, which is a very ambitious goal. Prior to this, the authors wanted to raise about five million dollars, but the crowdfunding campaign failed miserably.

In addition, there has previously been a conflict between Black Sun Game Publishing and co-founderAkella“Dmitry Arkhipov. The latter argued that the developers have no rights to”Korsarov“however the court sided with the defendants.

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