ESports instagram: two danila is power

Danil Dendi Ishutin and Danil Zeus Teslenko met for decades Natus vincere, Adil ScreaM Benrlith showed a baby photo Guy DrDisRespect Baym tried on the image of Geralt from The Witcher, and Marcus Kjaerbye Kebu left to celebrate Christmas in the desert. This and much more – in the new release of the digest.

The main photo of the week.

How do you like the performance in Singapore?

DrDisRespect did not miss the opportunity to use the Witcher Hip.

So far, Moscow can only dream of such species.

The most daring of Dim.

Yaroslav Miposhka Naydenov went to China to rest …

… Kjaerbye also decided to celebrate Christmas in an unusual environment.

And this is baby ScreaM. + NAVI = ?

Jamal Jamside Saydayev: “Photo with a serious person.”

Best photo Audrica JACKZ Juga.

A bit of nostalgia: Team zenith sample 2012.