Esports Instagram: Natus Vincere Party and the New King of the North

Natus vincere had a party in honor of the club’s tenth anniversary, Issa ISSAA Murad tried on the image of the king of the North, and Astralis won on BLAST Pro Series Global Final 2019. This and much more – in the new release of the digest.

A positive attitude in the team is an integral part of her victories.

ISSAA – the new King of the North?

Canny kennyS Schrab also decided to transform.

In the family of Nicholas device Ridtz replenishment – Ace Halt Ridtz.

“A little” Dota “to this nobleman, please.”

Novel RAMZEs Kushnaryov and … Create your own signature.

In WePlay! Esports hosted the New Year party for children.

Hardliner Novel Resolut1on Fominok and his faithful support – Vitaliy Save- Miller.

Christopher GeT_RiGhT Alesund with your pet. Cuties, right?

When did not receive an award at The Game Awards 2019.

Astralis after winning the BLAST Pro Series Global Final 2019.

And Peter dupreeh Rasmussen received the MVP.

When for a long time we were in different parts of the world and madly bored.

At Natus vincere A party was held in honor of the club’s tenth anniversary.

Maria Marple Ermolina is a double agent undercover.

If you look closely, you can see Victor in the photo Godhunt Volkova.

New Year’s Lasse MATUMBAMAN Urpalainen.

The family is also a replenishment!

Resolut1on, RAMZEs, Kanishka Sam Bulba Sosail and Michael Olsior Zverev prepare content.

Resolut1on and William Blitz Do not even forget about sports in tournaments.