Embracer Group Acquires Russian Studio Bytex, Collaborating With Saber – Igromania

Holding Embracer Group announced the acquisition of a studio located in Saransk Bytexspecializing in product testing. It was founded in 2004 Dmitry Karasevand since then the staff has expanded to about 240 employees.

Source: gameworldobserver.com

Bytex will be part of Saber Interactive, with which the studio has a long relationship. According to Andrew Iones, one of the founders of Saber, “The collaboration with Bytex over the years has been fantastic.”and he is very pleased that the studio has become part of the Embracer Group.

Source: dreadxp.com

The amount of the deal, which will be completed by the end of the month, has not been disclosed. According to the press release, she “In line with past Embracer transactions”…