Developed by OneorEight, an indie Japanese company or how this type of games are known in Japan ( Doujin ) Earth’s Dawn plunges us into the

Warhammer 40000: Eternal Crusade


cliché alien invasion where we will play a soldier of the squad of special forces ANTI, genetically modified soldiers capable of cope with this threat in an action / role game that reminded us of Vanillaware games.


Earth’s dawn: an alien invasion and the USA as the last hope

Earth’s Dawn does not pretend to surprise anyone with its argument, in 2019 a meteor passes through the earth, it brings an alien species that destroys the earth in record time, under this USA and the few survivors put the New Dawn Plan to march in this way build a


counteroffensive to these using their own cells. The plot could be used in an endless number of movies seen or for having but in this case the game


uses the story as a mere driver to advance in stages although you save some things that could be interesting.

Earth & # 039; s Dawn (PC) screenshot

Entering the game we will be asked to create our soldier among a limited editor, once ready the best part of the game begins: after completing a tutorial


that explains the basics of the combat system we will access the menu where we will spend enough time, in this we can choose missions , buy or create objects and customize the talent tree of our characters.

The combat system is agilesince the key to victory will be our quickness to dodge enemy attacks and exploit their vulnerabilities both to attack behind


enemies and to break their defenses effectively. Our options to fight include both melee weapons and remote weapons of different types, each with their own pros and cons that will have to be judged by the player himself,


another point in favor is that you have enough customization in terms of these, being able to create them with elementary attributes that could decide


the course of the battle. Another type of customization includes armor, accessories among several options more like cosmetics.

Earth & # 039; s Dawn (PC) screenshot

As for the mission section, the structure of the main ones that will serve to advance the plot will be the following: between each mission of history


we will have a clock measured in real minutes that when we reach 0 the new chapter will begin. To advance this clock we will have to carry out varied optional missions but unfortunately they happen in the same scenarios:


helping an NPC, confronting bosses, reaching X point of the map in a time limit will be some of them . By completing them we will

be measured in a range by our performance and get the best ranges (A, S) will make us receive rare materials and skills in our talent tree.

Regarding this talent tree we will have a maximum limit for active skills, this can be increased by taking some blue crystals in the scenarios,


once this is understood we will have automatic configurations for our tree or directly enter us to customize, within these we can use our points both


to have new combos with our weapons, new functions or stats increases that can be linked in the combos or attacks to increase their efficiency.

Earth & # 039; s Dawn (PC) screenshot

All these elements make testing different weapons or builds with the talent system a really entertaining task, which combined with a difficulty that


can be adjusted before starting the missions, make the title a good challenge where the player’s agility with The commander and his team will have to prevail before waves of enemies or bosses with predefined attack patterns.

Great art, poor animations

Although the combat system of Earth’s Dawn is quite complex, the experience can be somewhat repetitive especially when we have to do missions by


obligation to advance the plot, which can bore many players. The problem is that although the missions try to be varied, the reuse of scenarios ends up ruining the good points many times.