And is that from the first episode to the last we find characters recreated as in the HBO series that play a more or less relevant role in our progress.

World of Warships

Margarey in King’s Landing with  Cersei , Tyrion Lannister or the wild  Ramsay  Snow are some of the first we will know, but not the only ones.

Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

Other icons like Daenerys Targaryen will also parade before us. The role of these characters is important, does not steal the role of the house  Forrester 


and we can say that the integration of our protagonists in the universe Game of Thrones is successful, but has certain ups and downs (as some attitudes of Daenerys  own  in recent episodes) .

After an interesting start with dialogues and important decisions, Game of Thrones hits a certain slump in the second chapter, where we will see new locations such as the  Wall and we will meet two of the best players in the game. But in return, intensity is lost in decisions and staging and the plot still does not start at all, which is surprising since the staging of the first chapter allowed to


advance without too many problems. In the first two chapters we see a trend that will be maintained throughout the season: there is no trail of puzzles or


exploration-except for some details-and everything revolves around dialogues, decisions and some action sequences that are overcome via Quick Time Event. The narrative force is important, but they are elements that we had previously seen and that seem to be getting lost in the new Telltale series.

Game of Thrones: Season 1 (360) Screenshot

Yes we can say that in the middle of the season the game increases in narrative rhythm, in succession of events for several characters (highlighting above all the tension in  Landing of the King  or the intensity of what happens in the other part of the world with the mercenaries ) and with very complicated decisions to make. The parade of well-known characters does not give up (like Jon Snow)


and begin to intertwine stories between the characters we are controlling. The decisions we make are never known if they are the right ones, there is no clear win-win,


and the role of certain characters of the universe of Game of Thrones adds spice to what we want to do with or before them.

In fact, we face the  final section  (two last episodes) with the feeling that everything we know can fall apart at any time. The role of Ramsay is lethal in this key section of the story and a priori strong and solid characters like Rodrick or


Asher finish to the limit, something that is appreciated. We also come from certain decisions in the hands of Gared and complex situations such as Mira’s


which are difficult to solve, hoping that everything will reach its total and absolute catharsis in the last chapter and the end of the season. And here, unfortunately, come the big disappointments.

Game of Thrones: Season 1 (360) Screenshot

The feeling that we had in chapter 5 is that there was not enough progress in certain aspects with some characters, and that everything would have to be solved in the last episode. But the  last chapter it does not manage to convince those of us who have believed in Casa Forrester or those who expect a crude outcome made in Game of Thrones. Without wanting to enter


into destripes, we will have complicated decisions to make and certain points of no return in which what we decide will change elements of history forever.


But there are many open ends, the end does not have the high point of “can not be” of Game of Thrones and are wasted frames that were very hopeful. It is clear the way to a not yet announced season 2, but that does not justify that several plots could have been solved in a much better way.

The game maintains what we already knew at  an audiovisual level . Technical section in which the scenarios and the recreation of great protagonists of the series with their real actors stand out, but certain technical failures in finishes, details and some animations as well as some facial recreation of doubtful quality make it not the best of the game precisely.


The soundtrack maintains the level by the original voices of the supporting actors of the series. The game already contains translation into Spanish with the last chapter. And that is complicated for those who do not master the base of the language of Shakespeare, since there are constructions and abbreviations every two times three.

Game of Thrones: Season 1 (360) Screenshot