Earth Liberation

In advance
Being an early access, we must first define the content at this time made available by Earth Liberation : very few. At present, Earth Liberation does not guarantee more than a handful of hours of gaming – look out for, not fun – since the only mode is the singleplayer campaign, not even in its length, but just for less than ten missions, including the first two of pure tutorials.
In the roadmap drawn up by PoRovoz, however, it is stated that every month new missions will be added to the campaign, but above all that when launching in version 1.0, likely to take place in late spring 2017, will also include co-operative mode and PvP skirmishes .
Earth Liberation , just like all Early Access, as well as being a product not complete from the point of view of the content, is also present in a state of development that is still lagging behind and from here to the fateful launch date we hope will not be a few interventions PoRovoz aims to make their work a less crude and spartan work. Starting
the game, after a couple of input screens, you immediately notice that Earth Liberation is not just the top of the “sconcheria”, and the initial menu looks extremely sparse, with the icing on the cake represented by the intro entry. This entry starts on a series of fixed screens, just of the pure Power Point slides, where through artwork and texts, without any narrative voice, the stories
ofEarth Liberation , a little original story made of bad invading aliens and a strenuous resistance to the human race. The second factor to keep in mind when approaching Earth Liberation is its cost, or € 6.99 . At least personally, I always try to avoid putting the price among the variables with which to judge a title, but in this case it is just a justification for some of the most obvious defects in Earth Liberation.
Earth Liberation
Waste cutting
Earth Liberation is a RTS in the most classic sense of the term, of those based on the sacred triad resource-building building-recruitment of troops, but manages to go further and make a spending review on many gaming mechanics, reducing them practically to the bone. The collection of materials takes place almost automatically, except for some cash dispersed here and there on the gaming map, which, when recovered, guarantees a good amount of resources quickly.
For the rest, forget the strenuous defenses of mines or deposits as it does in almost all strategic, no gold rush, and no defensive turrets to build around the caves: in Earth Liberationyou almost exclusively live in an annuity, but this is already a nice nail planted on the coffin of the strategy. The second shot is then taken by the management of the settlement that, without even too many turns of words, is completely absent. In Earth Liberation, the construction of defensive structures
or the barracks from which trooping troops takes place is in fact on narrow tracks, for the accuracy of the pre-set knots where to place the few buildings present in the game. In this way, the strategy around the planning of the settlement is completely cleared, also due to the total absence of waiting time associated with any type of building. Supported rhythms are
one of the prerogatives of Earth Liberationwhere everything happens either semi-automatically or in a click-through , such as the recruitment of new units, which come out like mushrooms from the barracks.
Earth Liberation
All this has a direct impact on the combat system, the true focus of Earth Liberation . A focus that, however, draws water from all sides, due to an unjustified absence of an UI, an artificial intelligence that makes it difficult to define such, wide maps such as a tissue handke
rchief and other serious flaws. We talked about the user interface, but maybe we pushed too far, as the only thing on screen is the drive life bar – copied 1: 1 from StarCraft – while there is no offensive and defensive statistics the only data related to troops in this area appear at the moment of recruitment.
Earth Liberation’smain plague artificial intelligence is without shadow of doubt, which is often and willingly caused by bastards defeated only because, without any apparent reason, the troops are immobile as good statuines to be crushed by blows, or
they begin to wander dispersed among the enemies, victims of a pathfinding lacunous to say the least. Also, for a strange reason, when a large number of troops enlisted, more than an army is created, a swarm of swarms of flies that revolve a
round them, which do not fire and are affected by skeletal illness. Do not you know what this disease is? It is the incurable illness for which the units begin to move with one another, causing a real slip of the collective, the consequent impossibility of fire and finally a certain death. Finally,Earth Liberation does not foresee this option, resulting in a waste of clicks and an increase in imprecations because it becomes virtually impossible to divide the army into more specialized parts.
The only positive note remains, however, the variety of troops being put in place : we are not talking about such a number as jumping on the chair, but between aircraft, tanks and armed troops of lightweight guns, cannons and bazookas there is a good dose of differentiation, especially in their mode of use, with marines that are reduced to mere slaughter meat, while heroes are able to take out a good slice of enemies themselves.