After THQ’s failure, a lot of the rights and the ability to use the trademark came into play by Nordic Game, a small publisher of northern Europe responsible for publishing games that would hardly have received the same attention from larger companies.
Only recently did he choose to scratch the acquired name and move to a more aggressive THQ Nordic , but triple A still did not see the shadow. Up to the Gamescom 2017, which, despite being out of particular momentum of interest in new products, has brought a new and interesting IP: Biomutant .
Something new
Behind the project is a Swedish team named Experiment 101 recently formed, but featured prominent personalities from Avalanche Studio who worked on the Just Cause and Mad Max series .
The world of Biomutantpaint a land in an apocalyptic era where nature has claimed its spaces at the expense of cement; man is no longer present and anthropomorphic animals mutated genetically fight between clans for the supremacy of the territory.
From here we will immediately get acquainted with the protagonist of history, a cross between a fox and a raccoon that we can change to our liking for physical appearance. If the changes in the fur are not merely aesthetic, changing the size instead will also change the basic values ​​of our character. Once you enter the game you will find yourself in front of an open world RPG Action where the player can move freely to accumulate experience and unlock new pieces of skill tree, new combo and new crappings.
The base of the gameplay is in some respects similar to that seen in the Platinum Game games, with a dedicated firearm and one white weapon button, which can be combined in various ways, along with the dodge and bullet time. Obviously in this case the rhythm of the action is much milder thanBayonetta or Devil May Cryand leaves the player the chance to think calmly about the action, but according to developers it will be possible to unlock several new movesets during the adventure, which will give the player greater flexibility in combining the combo.
 To differentiate the title from predecessors in the genre, it has been added the possibility of using elements such as lightning, wind and water within the combos, or finding special bullets that produce altered states to enemies. When you leave the fighting, you will need to explore this vast open world that immerse the player in different environments where there are hidden material boxes. By accumulating everything you need, it becomes possible to create new weapons, which will change the gameplay of the fights.
Biomutant, we saw the THQ Nordic Action-RPG Open World
Mutants’ Karma
To govern the movements of our protagonist, we will need to investigate the pollution that is consuming the tree of life and, consequently, the need to look for bulbs useful to restore its roots in the various regions. In the course of the adventure, we will be faced with choices that will have opposite results depending on our actions, so that we can change the positive or negative karma.
At the moment the developers did not want to imbibe on the actual running of this mechanics within the gameplay, but they wanted to emphasize how much the underlying will be the whole experience.
They also wanted a bit to dampen the tones of the game that with development were getting more and more serious: a little touch of style is the addition of onomatopoeia with classic American style comic book fonts that appear during the clashes. Another element that reminds us that we are inside a story told by wild animals is the ability to mark the territory by urinating on the welcome signposts in the new area so that you can then take advantage of it for the quick trip.