Earth Atlantis

A planet dominated by machines …

This curious title transports us to the end of the 21st century in which a climate change has devastated our planet causing humanity to have des


cended to the minimum and with 96% of the world submerged under water. With the population on the verge of ext


inction, the machines have seized the sea in the form of marine animals and, therefore, the entire planet. Only survivors nicknamed hunters

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can put an end to the yoke imposed by these hybrid machines. Our work as a hunter will be to navigate the New York that is now flooded and at low hours and eliminate the abyssal threats.

We are not going to deceive you, the game draws attention for its graphic style, which is based on one in which the drawings mad


e by hand with pencil and sepia backgrounddazzle just see them. It is just this feature that has earned him several awards in various videogame events and are more than deserved. However, although it is fun, we believe that it

lacks something more punch to be worthy of a higher note . Partly because it’s so easy to play, partly because it lacks variety. Dominating Earth Atlantis is very easy, as easy as learning that we will only use two buttons and one of them will forget about it after getting a few power-ups. The submarine that we use to explore and shoot dow

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n our enemies – there are other 3 that are unlocked by completing objectives – only has the ability to shoot and turn on itself to face the threats that come from behind. Each ship has a weapon of its own for each of them to which we must add four others that we can a


chieve by defeating enemies but to shoot you only need to press the right trigger. No charge of power, no bombs or any other complication. The left trigger will serve to turn on itself in case we have not boosted our weapon because if we get it, the submarine that we con

trol will also shoot in the back so it does not make sense to use this button. Especially because the speed when moving backwards is not modified.

Earth Atlantis (NSW) screenshot

… that makes waters everywhere

The main mechanics of the game is very simple. We navigate through the water that has drowned New York eliminating marine robots


until we find the head of the area not without previously exploring the environment. Once we achieve it, the doors will be opened to another secti


on of the map – there are no levels or new phases, it is an all in one – and so on up to a total of 25 great monsters . In between there are checkpoints that serve to resume the game i


n the event that we have left the game previously or to revive when they have eliminated us. Enemies appear randomly except for the section end bosses who almost always stay in the larger areas. The problem is found in the limited variety of situati


ons, the burden that is sometimes the exploration with enough backtracking to find the bad guy (the little map does not help too) and the few options offered by our means of transport / battle .

In addition to the main mode we have an extra mode called Hunter in which time plays against us and where we have to eliminate the heads of each


area with one life one after another. Beyond these two modes there is only a list of objectives that shows the enemies that we have eliminated in our main game and that only provide a view of them, without historical text, or extras or anything that gives any incentive.

Earth Atlantis (NSW) screenshot

Earth Atlantis behaves quite well in the graphic aspect. As we have already said, these are drawings made by hand with pencil, with a sepia tone applied to the background. The scenarios are loaded with details and give a lot of life to the ocean, however,


with only two colors on the screen makes it difficult to see a little when the stage is loaded with structures, enemies and shots. It also does not help much that according to what moments the enemies pass to the second plane -where we can not attack them- and although they do not bother too much, it adds fuel to the fire. The majo


rity of the times he dies is the fault of this successful but difficult artistic design. The sound section limps more than pleases, with a single melody quite repetitive that will make you throw the joycon through the window and a few shooting effects and correct explosions without more.