We are in the eighteenth century, the industrial revolt in the British lands and the alchemists possess the ability to evoke demons. 
Gebel, in particular, has sparked a curse that can bring hell to the ground, subverting the lives of all the orphans of those regions. We will, in particular, take on the role of Miriam, also an orphan, but victim of a different plague that will turn it into crystal time, awakening to a sleep lasting more than ten years. The goal will be simply that, venturing more and more into the secrets of the antagonist’s castle, to stop this curse.
Gothic environments are strong in the title, which in every element strongly recalls the dark culture that embellishes the stories of Industrial London: a setting that in the colors is the closest one can be to Igarashi, which since its earliest definitions on Bloodstained, has always admitted to wanting to play at home. Take the necessary premises back to focus on what we saw during the test available. … and now to our test


Without important narrative preamble we will take control of a Miriam at level 15, so not at the beginning of his adventure, but still far from learning all the magic mechanics and not the game. In fact, the latter will get you right at the beginning of this section, breaking the crystals dedicated to them. Among other things, it is possible to recover a magic that originates from the defeated enemy’s ability to make the character suitable for any kind of situation and enemy.

From then on we will enter the platforms of the game, leaping and confronting the enemies that will stand in front of us. The map will always be visible at the top right, and going to find out more areas we will find a box with consumables and new equipment, in this build mainly weapons. The latter of nine types, all with different ranges and differences, are able to enrich the rivalry mechanics of the title, which, between levels, armor setups, and infinity of statistics, really seem to be many.
As they are really important in the progression of the game, it’s all to see in the review with the title finished in the hands. What we can surely tell you is that we have tried to face the boss of the stage, a daemon with so many sensual and grotesque women after a speed run and after a more peaceful and explorative trial. 
In either case we did not manage to end the clash, in the first case for lack of strength in the character, in the second for a bug, but with a completely different and inflicted damage ratio that made us well to hope.


Regarding the explorative component, the title looks more cautious and rich than we remembered. In addition to the very classic platforms in the sequence and reachable jump after jumping, there will be mechanisms to reach secret areas tied to enemies, so that in the build to a colleague happened to find almost accidentally at a point of the map separated by us from a door, simply jumping on the rapier to an arpia that was attacking him. 

On the technical front, the game seemed clean, albeit far from the possible completion, given the multiple placeholders to replace the definitive gaming assets.