Drift21 released on Steam Early Access – review

Polish studio ECC Games finally released early access Steam racing simulator Drift21, work on which has been conducted for more than three years. The game was initially called Drift19, then it was changed to Drift20, and she appeared already under the name Drift21.

Drift21 focuses on Japanese race tracks and complex championships Ebisu. In the early access version there are three such tracks so far: School, Driftland and Minami. Players will be able to conquer them on licensed cars Mazda MX5, Nissan Silvia S15 and Subaru BRZ.

Over the next few months, the creators have already planned many innovations and content extensions: new tracks, cars, modifications, and game modes, including multiplayer. At the same time, the studio will edit and polish the game.

Due to the fact that version 1.0 will be significantly different from what is available now, in early access Drift21 is sold at a reduced price, and even at a discount. So while you can buy the game for 900 rubles. By release, its price will increase.

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