Drawn to Death

Drawn to Death begins with a demonstration of the teacher and the students sitting in front of him, then the camera goes down to the desk and one of them appears on the screen a stylish menu.

Everything in the game – the fantasy of a bored high school student, drawing a notebook in his all in a row: curvaceous girls ninja-headed sharks, flying saucer space, with painted walls of the room – all sorts of little details here very much, and artists obviously in no way restricted.

But the joy of visual style (which I’m sure many will not like – in this case, you can not even try to play) overshadowed sortirny humor. Education is accompanied by a commentary drawn the prepared frog, do not stop to joke about mothers, masturbation and stupidity player.

It’s so trite and boring, that at some point you start to wonder at the lack “trollfeysa” and other memes decade ago. And if any severity and insults may seem funny at first, repeated and annoying they start very quickly.

Joke in Drawn to Deathtrying to constantly: in training, on the loading screen, in the beginning of the battle, in the midst of a firefight. Sometimes local commentators incessantly talking, and you are forced to listen to it in the fifth or the tenth time.

Frog did not stop to give advice after the start of the mission – it is about time the rating will tell and about local container with prizes, and will call an idiot, if you refuse to buy extra trunks for real money. The main thing is not to die with laughter …

Gameplay is Drawn to Death is a multiplayer action game in which the match can participate up to four users. In total there are seven cards and about the same conditions, and many are available as in a normal selection of players, as well as in rating races – allowed in “ranked” only after the completion of the five quick matches.

The essential difference between them is not – it is not Overwatch , where in the rankings are going to more serious users. There is still a big part of the success depends on the player, as the team is very small.

Due to the fact that the cards run a maximum of four members, the stock of lives each very high – shooting drag on for a long time. Card structure allows constant escape from desperate situations, because everywhere apart teleports, secret passageways, moving platforms and trampolines.

But the starting point is always the player chooses himself – he completely show location and location of enemies. Enemies, by the way, is also seeing a huge target and can respond to the opponent fallen on top – you should be careful.

Despite the fact that the game presented to subscribers PlayStation Plus, find allies and opponents in any of the presented conditions very difficult. selection system works very badly: it is necessary to wait for as much as ten minutes, the game starts when there is only one opponent.

Four consecutive games I played with one and the same person, and no one in that time we have not joined, although we both always run the search again.

Distribution in the PS Plus, of course, saddened many subscribers, but certainly among them are enough people to fill the lobby of the four participants. The problem lies in including in the absence of the possibility to select the region – the Russian players are almost always caught only Russian.