PlayStation 5 logo showing agitated network – Sony sets new Instagram record

From performance Sony on the CES 2023 many were waiting for new details about Playstation 5but instead got a presentation of the official console logo, different from the options PS4 and PS3 only a number in the name. Nevertheless, the decision of the company to make such a small announcement as a separate information guide has paid off.

A post with the PS5 logo published on the PlayStation’s official Instagram page received over 4.5 million likes in the first day alone, and the very next day the Sony publication set a record, becoming the most popular social network in the history of gaming companies, collecting for the current more than 5,092,000 likes and almost 140 thousand comments. For comparison, a post posted on Instagram on December 12th with the announcement of the Xbox One X over the past four weeks was rated only by 990 thousand people.

The PlayStation account is one of the 200 most popular Instagram profiles. The account of the Sony gaming platform is monitored by 22.2 million users of the social network.

The previous record since April last year held the post Fortnite with the announcement of the crossover onAvengers: Finalwith a total of 2,693,353 likes.

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