Dragon Ball FighterZ

From Earth to the Balls
We start with the premise on the closed beta that took place during the last weekend: the team was very pleased with how the title went to its debut with the general public.
A beta, however, has had some issues on XboxOne, while PlayStation 4 has demonstrated that it can show claws. In any case, the opportunity was also served to announce an open beta, which will allow all those who lost the fight weekend to do as soon as possible. There is not yet a precise date, but soon there will be news, even as the release is getting closer and closer.
 Moving on to the content, however, we got to know two new roster fights, which then continues slowly to take shape: this is Tenshinhan and Yamcha, which go to enrich the landlords used in Dragon Ball FighterZ. With regard to the iena of the desert, we clearly have to give up the Ki attacks, so there will be much less strokes from the distance and much closer game, even though Yamcha can exploit some energy shots such as his famous Sokidan, the bullet of the soul.
Unfortunately, both Yamcha and Tenshinhan were only shown on video and we could not try them, so we have no way of telling the feeling of new fights. Of the first we have talked about, while the second one we are reminding of the controversy over its origins: despite Toriyama has always counted on land, Tenshinhan would be a descendant of the alien race of the three eyes, which would allow him to use all the special techniques have made it known, as for example the technique of the four shots.
Just as you have decided to manage Androide 17 and Androide 18, which appear in the roster in a single character, exploiting the intervention of one and the other in offensive and defensive phase, likewise Ten can be left side by side da Jiaozi: together they will have the ability to block the opponent and take advantage of the power of the telekinesis to attack him while he is helpless.
Among the additional information we come to know that you will also be able to use the Tri-Beam, the cannon of the soul, which however repeated, using the combo system well, leads to a loss of HP by Tenshinhan.


novel is not just about roster fighters, however, because, as stated by the same development team, Dragon Ball FighterZ is a scumbag , but it’s also a need for a plot.
The story mode had been presented to us as a fleeting teaser during Gamescom: a slow and apathetic march of saiyan with red eyes, intent on destroying anything understood under their eyes and before their steps.
Here in Tokyo, however, there are more details about the history of the story, including the presence of Androide 21, an original character created specifically for Dragon Ball FighterZ, with the supervision of Akira Toriyama.
The process for those interested was very simple and straightforward: the developers saw the need for a character created specifically for Dragon Ball’s latest iteration, and together with the creator of the saga, he created a scientist woman ready to subvert the fate of the world.
Next to her is the now confirmed Androide 16, back from the hell to support the new android that should have an intellect similar to that of Dr. Gero, creator of all the other androids.
His figure will be fundamental throughout history, but it’s still enveloped in the mystery much of what it is about: the development team, moreover, continues to persevere in everything, so that it can leave the story mode in blurred conditions and avoid spoilers possible until the final release. The presentation trailer, however, closes with a strange device that carries the Red Ribbon mark, which allows the Android 21 to fall asleep to all the characters of Dragon Ball who fall to the ground in a sleepy seems almost eternal.
The latest Story Mode details come from developers, which confirms how we will look for a structure that is not too schematic and therefore exits from the alternation of the clash and cutscenes, more entertainment throughout the whole story.