These people are not worthy of salvation – the first trailer for the horror “Quiet Place 2” is presented

2020 met us with the debut trailer “Quiet place 2“- continuation of the horror hit studio Paramount pictures and director John Krasinski, who collected at the box office over 340 million dollars with a budget of $ 17 million.

The sequel events start immediately after the finale of the original picture, continuing to tell the story of the Abbott family’s survival in the post-apocalyptic world, where people were almost completely exterminated by creepy, but blind monsters that react to any sound. Having discovered at the end of the first part a way to deal with terrible creatures, the heroine Emily Blunt together with his children and a newborn baby decides to leave the house and go to the outside world, but it soon becomes clear that bloodthirsty creatures are far from the only danger.

Duplicated Trailer:

Together with Blunt in the new film also starred Killian Murphy and Jimon honsu. Director and screenwriter again made Krasinski.


At the box office, the tape starts March 19th.

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