Dotemu has released Mr. X Nightmare for Streets of Rage 4

On July 16, Mr. X Nightmare for last year’s bitemap Streets of Rage 4. Players are waiting for: survival mode, three new heroes, customization of the appearance, various opponents, techniques and weapons.

After the events of the original game, the heroes decided to prepare for further threats. Axel, Blaise, Max and their friends embarked on a frantic training session, and Dr. Zan volunteered to help them. The latter developed a special artificial intelligence program based on the surviving brain cells of Mr. X. The technology is quite dangerous, since it is capable of simulating any situation.

The cost of the add-on varies from platform to platform:

  • in the PS Store the price is 569 rubles, owners of a PS Plus subscription will be able to save 10%. The full edition will cost PS4 owners 1499 rubles.
  • On Steam, the add-on costs 195 rubles (165 at a discount),
  • in Nintendo eShop – 719 rubles (611 at a discount),
  • Microsoft is asking for $ 8 ($ 6.79 at a discount) for the content.

Discounts are valid for the first two weeks.

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