Okhlos omega review


Woe to the unfortunates who receive the attention, because it is not easy to restrain a crowd before they have done havoc of corpses (even on the internet, as recent cases teach). okhlos omega of Coffee Powered Machine places the player at the head of an enraged crowd formed by ordinary citizens, slaves, soldiers, philosophers and heroes, who must destroy the Greek gods because they are too oppressive. To do this you have to reach the cities where they live and literally shave them to the ground.



Okhlos steam, which recalls that of Pikmin, but without being able to reach perfection, puts the player at the helm of a philosopher, the only figure able to direct the crowd, on which however there is no direct control, but to which only general indications are given.Let’s try to explain better: with the keyboard you control the sage who, in case he dies, is replaced by another philosopher taken from the crowd (if there are any, otherwise game over), while pointing at our improvised army where to head and whether to attack or defend.


However, crowd movements are not completely predictable and controllable; on the contrary, they are definitely chaoticto the point that, as we shall see, they can cause various problems, which we will discuss later. Each city, although having its own theme, is divided into areas generated procedurally, to be overcome to reach the divinity that governs it. The fixed goal of each area is to eliminate all enemies, referred to as skulls on the minimap. Only after doing so opens the doors to the next area.


The enemies change according to the city: there are simple soldiers with limited resistance, but also sorcerers who shoot fireballs, warriors that swell when hit, nymphs that bewitch the people, gorgons that petrify our men with their eyes, big soldiers armored that explode when defeated and so on. Do not miss traps of all sorts (spikes, reels, steel spiked balls and so on),

We have okhlos review, an independent title in which we drive a crowd hunting for gods. Let’s find out


Cities are not only full of danger, but also of meat for slaughter for our impromptu army. The areas in which we fight are full of people who can not wait to be enlisted to fight against the deities.

Unleashed crowd

On average, an army is made up of thirty units, plus heroes and animals, with the latter not counting the total count. Each unit has its own characteristics, theoretically favoring a certain type of approach to action. For example, the offensive units speed up the killing, the defensive ones allow you to better deal with the enemies that cause great damage, the slaves allow you to collect more objects, healing or offensive than they are, and so on.

okhlos gameplay

The heroes deserve a special mention: they are special units with powers that influence the entire army. For example, there are some that increase the number of units of the army, others improve the attack and defense of all, others protect from the damage of the pitfalls, others speed up the accumulation of fury of the crowd, which we will discuss shortly , and so on.

These are precious units, very important for the final victory. Unfortunately they are not found around the others, except in some rare cases, but must be hired in the shops located in the hallways between the areas, paying them with the sacrifice of other units. As we said the crowd has different levels of anger, which determine its strength.


A quiet crowd will attack only the enemies, causing the standard damage, but if it is made furious to do the expenses will also be the buildings and the damage caused will increase. It seems bad to say, but being able to raze the maps is the funniest feature of Okhlos, the one that keeps it interesting for a few hours, avoiding that the repetition of the action will immediately sink.