Divinity: Original Sin II

A unique journey
In order to overcome any doubt, we begin by saying that Divinity: Original Sin II succeeds in the unimaginative effort to improve every single aspect of the previous title , bringing the multiforme and flexible gaming system to a higher level through a series of perfectly balanced balances and novelties. Every single aspect of our adventure can be subject to a deep customization that will make the gaming experience potentially unique and unrepeatable.This result, stemming from the combination of the structure of the most classic of the RPGs and the flexibility of gameplay designed by Larian Studios, will be well visible from the character creation screen, within which we can choose between different races and characterization options, giving rise to an alter ego capable of reflecting our gaming view to the slightest detail.
All this makes Divinity: Original Sin II a game that is able to put itself completely at the service of the most passionate player giving him full creative freedom about defining his role through an almost limitless series of possibilities unfolded from the start.
 The development of your character, the meticulous management of the skills tree, the interaction between the party members and the multitude of NPCs we will encounter during the course are just some of the dots that will compile an increasingly complex experience and able to put tough test even the most experienced player.
Find your way
It is useless to deny that Divinity: Original Sin II continues to represent a title aimed especially at lovers of old and challenging RPGs , focusing primarily on being the best example of that old role playing role made of numbers, statistics and precise calculations.
Of course, the many mechanics proposed can masterfully merge into a uniquely unique unicum, but such an articulated approach could not ignore, for example, a tricky interface that, despite being perfectly fit to the needs of the title, might turn out to be neophyte such. Experimenting will be the slogan of all the adventure.
The greater will be to explore every single facet of the title, the greater the satisfaction that can be obtained from your efforts. A gameplay setting that leaves ample room for unpredictability and with it the possibility of failure in the case of risky or superficial moves, both inside and outside the combat.

The title of Larian Studios will test you even in the most banal of situations, breaking the typical paradigm of most titles, according to which there is necessarily to be the only right solution to continue your journey.
This is something that can be found, for example, from the interaction system with the other NPCs in the gaming world with which it will be possible to dial through a multiple choice system made more profound and versatile than the first Divinity, as well as being more closely linked to the background and evolving history of each of the party members.
Any decision taken during the game will have unavoidable repercussions on the adventure course. Kill an NPC that could have given you an important quest later, to cure someone’s wounds, and then be ready to thank you: every move will bring consequences .
The same choice of something that might at first glance seem trivial, as your music’s favorite instrument, will significantly affect gaming experience, for example, changing the soundtrack. Divinity: Original Sin II will always be a step in front of the player, ready to re – elaborate his multifaceted world of gaming according to the flow of events.
The same depth, the ability to approach every situation from a different perspective and the creation of a personal game style will be the pillars of the combat system, which, as it happens for dialogues, is presented as an improved version of the previous one.