Divinity Original Sin II

As if we lived in a parallel world where the march of the cRPG had only increased without rest, Larian has created a monster with a life of its own. It does not matter if its essence brings you back to your yearnings of games like Baldur’s Gate and Neverwinter N


ights or regrets like the emptiness that happened to them; Divinity: Original Sin II pushes the genre to the point of being considered the best game of the genre and without the need for nostalgia.


The game drinks from your previous one, of course, and you will notice it in game and combat style. But Divinity Original Sin 2 is able to twist and advance its own mechanics and structure to the point of convincing the most incredulous that did not finish fitting the


proposal of the original. It helps a lot in this story, characters and narrative in general much more careful. From extreme care to its protagonists, a development of the more interesting events and something so important and that forgives much in the isometric role as accompany each line of text (up to the meanest minor character) voice.


The awakening of a God

Larian Studios knows that if you are fond of the genre and did not enter the first Original Sin, it was because the story was not attractive enough. The main plot of Original Sin II is not the best we have played in a role play, far from it. Keep collecting many of the trop

es of the most classic fantasy and beyond prop up their particular humorous style, it does not do much more to change the rules of Rivellon , which will take us thousands of years after the first game to a conflict cente
red on the Sourcerers , magic channelers special, more powerful, but they attract the Voidwalkers, monstrous creatures. The masters, in search of a new Divine after the death of the previous one, capture and subdue all these Sourcerers while awaiting the ascension of their new leader.


Divinity Original No II analysis

We can choose class, race, appearance and if we want a character made from scratch or with Origins, which brings a past and personality to our character.

The story is followed with interest, but it is in the particularities of our hero and his companions where Larian has thrown the rest, beyond trying to bring some freshness to the topics. Among the available breeds (human, elf, dwarf, lizardman and undea


d) include predefined characters with their own name, past and mission. They are called Origins , and we can choose to embody one of these


or accompany them in their different searches. A breath of fresh air, considering that we came to be able to choose only human characters. Each race, moreover, has its particularities as the lizardmen who can dig or the undeadwhose fingers are like picks. All these skills can be palliated by any class, of course.


Divinity Original Sin II PC

The dialogues are extended with options specific to a specific character or personality traits.

The game exercises creativity in your actions, without punishing traditional methods

Both being one of these protagonists and interacting with them, we will see the plot enriched with their conversations that suit our style of play and the different missions we do and characters we meet along the way. They will not hesita

te to take the initiative to speak with this or that character if it helps them to progress in their personal mission, while the new system of affinities will create a bond with them that will take us from romantic interest to the impossibility of being p
artners with travel. Obviously, we can not delve much into the examples by risk to spoilers, but the relationship we have with our partners multiplies the possibilities of play and is a living organism that evolves as the hours pass.


Divinity Original Sin II

Open the way

Often, when a video game sells its “open world” it does so by appealing to freedom. But a vast terrain to explore does not make you

more free in a video game, only bigger. Being a role play and being open means being able to face situations in multiple ways. Divinity: Original Sin IITake this rule to its fullest expression. It’s not just about fighting against you, ste
aling what you want … or persuading, exploring and solving riddles. It is about that, in doing so, you are fulfilling the same mission in very different ways. In the first act, our main objective is to escape from Fort Joy, a place where they hold all Sourcerer and
find a way to remove the necklace that prevents us from channeling this magic. The number of ways to escape from our prison and remove the collar is notorious and is the result of multiple decisions that you have to make. To access an escape route, will you steal that key? Will you kill anyone who gets in your way? Will you find a shortcut through a secondary route or, on the contrary, you will not even use that way to escape?


Divinity Original Sin II PC

The menus are deep and simple. In the inventory, it is again grateful not to have to negotiate too much with the weight of the equipment.

It is in this maze of decisions with multiple outputs is where Original Sin 2 shines with its own light and brings it closer to the purest essence of the role: that of pencil and paper. The work of Larian Studios has returned us to a time where trying a crazy solution to a problem can be a completely feasible method, to your surprise; where creativity is exercised in yo


ur actions, without punishing traditional methods. Where a flag on the map means an important character in the story, but far from where you have to go to fulfill a mission. In fact, the game is so sparing in words regarding your mission diary that many pl


ayers may feel completely lost at first, something the game could explain better. The most complete will take tens of hours to pass the first act if they want to finish all the missions.


Divinity Original Sin II