Momodora Reverie Under the Moonlight

Not a single one passes; you get distracted for a second and lose your life. This fast. But not because this actionadventure and 2D platforms are unfair to the player or have design flaws. With skill and patience there are those who have already completed the game at its maximum level of difficulty without finishing with any enemy except for the jefazos that await in key points of the course. And that is impressive. On the part of the brave who have achieved such a feat, but also from the point of view playable, because without the precision shown by the control system or the finesse with which the fighting works, it would be difficult to imagine such feats.


That’s why we liked this work from the independent studio Bombservice so much . It is not the typical retro stylegame th


at is limited to homage to classics of the nineties and that’s it. It has soul, personality, and plasma with exquisite taste. If you do not take a look at the captures that accompany the text. The beauty of many of the shady places in w


hich this adventure that has a lot of metroidvania , but also a bit of Souls essence, immerses us ; especially if we talk about its setting and the way in which it tells the story.


Travel to a cursed kingdom

Except for the conversation that gives way to this adventure, in Momodora are the scenarios, music and emotions transmitted by its in

habitants that tell us the true story that happens in this dark world of fantasy. Yes, we know that the young priestess Kaho must travel to the big city to ask the Queen for help in the face of a terrible cursethat ravages her
village in the woods; but beyond that, the narrative takes a back seat in which it works very well, although the truth is that we would have liked to run into something more original in the approach to its plot. It’s not that it’s wrong, but it’s not surprising either.


Momodora Reverie Under the Moonlight analysis

During the trip you will run into a handful of secondary characters who, through their experiences, will allow you to learn more about this dark fantasy world.

It is clear that the focus of attention has been fixed above all on action. In those thrilling combats we will wage against an import


ant variety of nightmare creatures that will have to know the details to survive their hard attacks. A couple of blows and you’re dead, we said before; that is why it is essential to learn your attack routines , to know when to hit a


nd when to roll on the ground to avoid the black grim. And the certain thing is that Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight works frankly well in these lides. It is exciting, relentless and also frantic; however simple their battles may seem in the first instance.


We would have loved to run into something more variety in these confrontations, it is true, because the action changes little since you start the trip until you finish it; but there is something in the duels that Kaho engages in. It will be the quality of th


spectacular animations with which its skill with the sword has been represented – in this case a magic leaf – and the bow, or the intensity of the fight against certain enemies. The point is that something has to make you vibrate with emotion … and also tremble with fear. Terrora a death that lurks in every place and time.


Momodora Reverie Under the Moonlight PC

The game of Bombservice was born as a great tribute to the metroidvania adventures

Even more so when you have before you the imposing jefazos who zealously keep the magical objects necessary to continue the jour

ney. Its design is really good, also the combat mechanics of many of them, although after completing the adventure you’re left wanting m
ore; perhaps more originality in its way of fighting, or something more complex in these battles that, it is understood, are the decisive ones. Some of this have, of course, but not to the extent that we expected.


Another interesting detail has to do with that light rolero role that defines the game: the option to equip objects to our heroine to gain active improvements, such as items to restore health or increase strength temporarily, and other passive ones, such as


a ring that will vibrate when detecting hidden treasures or an amulet that will attract towards itself the coins that the enemies will drop. Th


ere are many options to choose from and although they do not have a fundamental weight in the development of the action, they do contribute to making this an adventure more complex than it seems.


Momodora Reverie Under the Moonlight

He can not deny it. Momodora is a metroidvania from head to toe. Not? Look at the map; There are so many roads, so many shortcuts and so many secrets to find …

Also this new Momodora, which is the fourth and best episode of a saga practically unknown to date, works well from the point of v


iew of the plataform , although these sequences have a secondary weight in the action. There are traps and abysses to circumvent, of cou


rse, but the real challenge is to survive these tests while fighting against enemies. That and explore the intricate mapping that gives life to the game, of course, following the style of the metroidvaniacla


ssics . We already said it before. The game of Bombservice was born as a great tribute to these adventures, and it is something that is perf


ectly reflected in the enormous amount of secret areas and treasures that only the most audacious players will discover.


The adventure of Kaho we like also for the feeling of progression that transmits. You will die many times, so many times that you will even feel frustrated, but at the point you will notice that your fighting skills have improved, that you are more


agile dodging and more lethal hitting the opponents; and then you will smile. You will be proud of your progress. Something that makes you want a little more to this video game that in the audiovisual is also at a great level.


Momodora Reverie Under the Moonlight PC

Momodora Reverie Under the Moonlight

With the appearance of a game from the nineties, the beauty of its dark places is worth mentioning: there are endless small det


ails that are pure delight; to which we must add a good soundtrack very environmental cut, but with the ability to move body and


soul to those dark environments in which the action takes place. Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight also comes with texts translated into Spanish, which is a detail even when the argument has little weight in the action.


One of those little details that overshadow the final result of the work. It is an adventure action and platforms of great quality, with a lot of


personality and that poses challenges of the most interesting, but almost always remains on the edge of the standout. There is potenti


al, good ideas and a simply spectacular setting, but after completing the game in about five hours depending on the level of difficulty chosen and your skill at the controls of Kaho , you are left wanting a little more.