The Signal from Tölva

We appear in a seemingly futuristic world with very few indications about our task there. They indicate that we must infiltrate between the “Surveyors”,


one of the robot factions that track the planet Tölva in search of its secrets. By doing so, we can direct different robotic units (when we die or make a “quick trip” we will get a new one). This is an interesting way to reappear, as we will not carry the same robot throughout the game.

Our main mission is to find the origin of a mysterious signal coming from some point of the nearby planet and for it we will have to explore all the territory meticulously. We will find enemy bases, radio towers and different structures in ruins scattered on the map.


In the different areas, we will find mysterious artifacts that will help us improve our equipment. It is not a system that is too innovative, but the size of the game makes these mechanics interesting (maybe in a bigger title they would tire the player).

As we unlock these points of interest, sweeping the enemy zone, we can use the fast trip and increase the presence of our faction on the planet.


It is appreciated, because although the total size of the map is not very large, it is an open world and kicking the different areas over and over again can tire us.

It should be noted that the total map can be divided into two main areas: a more “basic” in which we appear at the beginning, where we must strengthen


to reach the next area, much more hostile and radioactive. If we avoid enemy fire we can get to this second area from the beginning, although our level 1


shields will not withstand the intense weather and therefore it is necessary to rise in rank before venturing out and facing greater dangers.

The Signal From Tölva (PC) screenshot

Something interesting is that the combat will be made easier as we progress, since we can ask for the help of our fellow robots.


Also, when we go up in rank we can unlock better weapons with different characteristics. We have three types of weapons available from the start of the game: a light gun, a medium machine gun and a laser rifle. We will have to alternate its use to finish in


the best possible way with the enemies. For example, approaching a hostile base trying to draw the attention of the group of robots that patrol the perimeter to kill them one by one from a distance with our laser weapon, covering us by the rocks of the terrain.

Something interesting related to this idea is the fact that the enemy AI is random. That is to say, the course taken by the robot patrols is not fixed, so


we can find them at different points in the areas of interest. All this makes the combat system tactical and attractive, although it could be polished and


improved a little more. We miss more variety of enemies and areas, since carrying several hours of play can be repetitive.

The Signal From Tölva (PC) screenshot

One of the key points of  The Signal from Tölva is its striking graphic art, courtesy of the participation of Ian McQue and his concept art in the project. It can also remind the first Borderlands and the more arid areas of Pandora.

As for its soundtrack , unfortunately we must say that it is scarce, only present in small key moments. In addition, the tracks used have a somewhat strident tone, although this could be because the world of the game is populated by robots and the creators wanted to


give the soundtrack a spirit accordingly. Even so, the sound effects are well achieved and help the player’s immersion and concentration.


It will take us about 10 hours to complete the main mission of the game and discover its two possible endings , although they can be extended for


those who really enjoy exploring and unlocking all the points of interest on the map or those who want to achieve all the available achievements.

The game is present since April 10 in Steam, for PC and MAC, at a somewhat high price: € 19.99.