Disney Infinity 3.0

2015 is not only presented as the year Star Wars in the film, with that return to the top of the biggest icon of cinema and popular culture with Star Wars Episode VII: The Awakening of the Force , but also promises his own as soon as to video games. On the one hand EA and DICE will take us back to the most representative battlefields of the film saga in the new

Pillars of Eternity: White March Episode 1

Battlefront. And another Disney in person will invite us to travel again from Endor to Geonosis, from Coruscant to Naboo, with its transmedia

Company of Heroes 2

IP that mixes figures and video games in Disney Infinity 3.0: Play without Limits, from which we have been able to play all three of its playsets, but that here we will talk about the first one,Twilight of the Republic, leaving the classic Star Wars and the Del Reverse of Pixar for later .

Jedi at the top of his power

Included in the Starter Pack, Twilight of the Republic is a set focused on battles with lightsabers and developed by an expert in the genre of action as Ninja Theory , veterans and in the Infinity rules after having encouraged the Black Widow , Jasmine, the Green Goblin and Loki for Infinity 2.0 Marvel Superheroes. Geonosis in the middle


of the Clone Wars is the scenario in which Twilight of the Republic begins, with a spectacular linear tutorial with scripted events that becomes the best way to learn the handling of the characters. We have a button to hit, another to use the powers of the Force, another to dodge – it’s a joy to see Darth Maul 


jump as it did in Episode 1-and that at the same time serves to divert the rays that shoot us with blasters and other firearms, since the blockade is automatic if we run to the enemy, and manual if we stay still. Jumping, climbing on the walls and pointing seen in the previous Infinity versions are still intact in Infinity 3.0, mixing action with exploration, simple puzzles and platforms


in a gameplay that is not precisely Bloodborne demanding, but on the other hand is the ideal for the proposal and for its base audience, pulling the LEGO style of simplicity and also represents a considerable improvement compared to what we saw in Infinity 2.0 and the Avengers playset.

Disney Infinity 3.0 (PS4) screenshotDisney Infinity 3.0 (PS4) screenshot

As we see from the aesthetic, Disney has wanted to use both the trilogy of Episodes 1-3 and the style and characters of the Clone Wars animation series – there we have Anaki’s Padawan, Ahsoka Tano. This first set puts us in the skin of an Anakin Skywalker at the height of his power as a Jedi, so the fighting will abound although they will not be the only element of the gameplay.


At the time of the narrative, and although the references are total, this playset tells us an original story history located at the time of the first simple trilogy and that does not get much complicated. The good thing is that Ninja Theory in person confirmed that all the characters in the two sets of Star Wars will be compatible with each other. That is to say, we can take


Chewbacca from the classic trilogy and play with him in the playset of Twilight of the Republic if we find the coin that activates his mission. Something that the fans asked them after Infinity 2.0, that did not allow that in the sets of Spider-Man and Avengers all the characters could be used, only some.