Dismemberment, horror elements and several options for moving: New details Half-Life: Alyx

Developers Half-Life: Alyx answered a number of community questions, revealing new details about the next project Valve. We bring to your attention another selection of facts. Look here for more details..

  • Three movement options will be available: locomotion (free movement), shift, and teleportation. In the latter case, the effect of motion sickness is minimized.
  • You can play while sitting in a chair or on the couch.
  • Can be customized for left-handed use.
  • The game can be completed using one hand. This applies to weapons, but ideally, the developers want two hands to be involved.
  • You can set automatic reloading weapons.
  • Gravity gloves allow you to attract objects while standing still. This allows you to get rid of unnecessary movements from which you can get sick.
  • Horror elements are served in such a way that they cause gloomy charm, and do not provoke panic and disgust. However, one of the developers in the headcrab segments still removes the VR-helmet and headphones, guided by the monitor (too scary).
  • The team had to completely change the approach to sound design. The basics have not changed, but the creators sought to make the environment sound in such a way that the player wanted to explore the location.
  • Barnacles (carnivorous sacks with long tongues that hang from the ceiling) are a serious threat, but they will not kill Alix instantly. VR will introduce new features to eliminate them.
  • There will be new options for Alliance fighters.
  • Some creatures will respond to sounds made by the player.
  • The game will be dismembered, and at some points it will be important.
  • The character in the game jumps very rarely and over short distances.
  • They refused to completely draw their hands because testers quickly stopped paying attention to flying brushes anyway. In addition, they blocked the review.
  • As conceived by the authors, the Citadel is constructed as follows: the Alliance teleports the core to the right place, around which the rest of the structures are then erected. It also allowed to visually convey the fact that the game is a prequel.
  • Responsible for writing dialogs Eric Volpowho had time to work on Left 4 dead. He noted that he prefers to create characters who have their own point of view on what is happening. IN Portal 1-2 the silence of the heroine became a gag, which now will no longer work. In addition, the writer liked to register skirmishes of heroes in Left 4 Dead.

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