Dishonored was a good game. Steep, but apparently little dullish protagonist framed. Even yesterday, he hovered in the highest circles, and now forced to hide in the trash. But nothing! True to the blade and fraudulent gifts of the local god will help him to eliminate his enemies.

One after the other. In between acts of vengeance he will rest in the secret base, where he was waiting sympathizers “rebels.”

At first, I got it into my head that Dishonored – it stealth first person kind of Thief early, so try to act quietly and without bloodshed, so as not to offend the script, maintaining records of victims Corvo Atta.

A little bothered that AI tugovat and magic skills of the hero, to put it mildly, converted many steps in an easy walk.

But how beautiful it – in actual fact a monstrous – the world! What is it stylish as it details! Yes, Dishonored even with all the shortcomings had a good game.

And Dishonored 2, too, was a good game. Steep, but probably a little blunt protagonists framed. they were still on top of the world yesterday, and today they have to hide in the trash.

But nothing! True to the blade and fraudulent gifts of the local god help Corvo and his daughter (and in combination – the Empress) Emily Kolduin eliminate his enemies.

One after the other. In between acts of revenge, they will rest in the secret base, where they were waiting for their sympathizers “rebels.”

Do I almost word for word ashamed to repeat in the third paragraph has already been said in the first? No, why suddenly? Arkane is not ashamed to tell the story again four years ago.

If the writer scratched the crown and cried in bewilderment: how? Someone did not appreciate my brilliant story of betrayal and revenge? Let’s tell it again! Well told.

Details, of course, differ markedly. Now we are working at Karnak – southern town that the mood of Danuolla not particularly distinguished: the gloomy people on the streets, nasty secrets behind locked doors.

But this time, each story location is markedly different from the companions, be it gloomy hospital, home with me practically “on the fly” plan of the room or house, which allows jumping from present to past and back again – each level you will definitely be impressed.

If you played the first Dishonored, the second hardly surprise you. Us again each time to throw quite spacious location and give an indication of the most common: to deal with your enemy.

How are you going to administer justice – brandishing a dagger or wrapping secrets victims against them – your work, but in some cases killing the object seemed to me much more merciful act in comparison with … the alternative solution to the problem.

Areas consist not only of protected sites – is here and underground stores, and in the dark recesses can stumble on side quests. Walk and listen to the Dishonored 2 is much more interesting than just to run forward, although in the latter case, the game will assume you can go for hours 5.

A thoughtful study of the buildings and streets, searching for the mysterious charms and runes for pumping, collecting all the valuable stuff can take twenty and thirty hours.

Is it worth it? Of course, it is worth. Now these types of interiors and definitely deserves to look in every locker and check the pockets of each guard.

Magic tricks a little spoil the impression (too simple things become … again ), but then comes to mind is a seditious thought: probably, Dishonored never was a true stealth.

As it usually goes? Neatly. Squatting. Along stenochki. Not breathing.

We try to sneak past the guard post. Enemies, in fact, see the bad, although sometimes respond to the open doors, can not hear the sounds of a firefight on the floor above, but surely will come running if you run through half a meter in the next room. Side can not see through the often notice furnishings …

In general, one of the guards by some miracle, to pinpoint you. Main menu – loading? Certainly not. I’ve had enough of this nonsense – it’s time to Their Imperial Majesties punish traitors accomplices.