discrete Intel Xe graphics cards are only slightly superior to integrated ones – review

Has appeared latest information from insiders on the future of discrete graphics Intel DG1 family Xe. And, judging by these data, the situation is not developing very well. In technical terms, we are talking about superiority at 23% over processor graphics Tiger lake, which is very small by today’s standards.
It is assumed that the generation of Xe cards will be presented in the form of gaming and professional accelerators, as well as in the form of integrated solutions. However, such unification is complex in itself. It is even more difficult to create high-performance graphics cards from scratch, although iGPU generation Gen11 and show good results at its level.

It can be assumed that DG1 cards are budget options of the level of approximately GeForce GT 720 or more modern analogues. And here Dg2 can already be considered as more powerful solutions. In general, it remains to wait for the third quarter of 2023, when the company finally removes the veil of secrecy.

In the meantime, in the background AMD and NVIDIA, and also taking into account the success of the “red team”, the achievements of the “blue” do not look too good.

In general, the situation around video cards Intel continues to be uncertain, because the company is diligently hiding information, which leaves room for rumors and speculation.