Diablo creator David Brevik is ready to develop a Star Wars role-playing game for Electronic Arts

Ex-president Blizzard and the author of the original Diablo David Brevik interested in creating a role-playing action on “Star wars»For the publisher Electronic arts. This was tweeted by a certain Kitty Attack. As a joke, or maybe seriously, the developer confirmed his intention.

“EA, David Brevik wants to create Star Wars ARPG for you. You must let him do this. ”

“I confirm.”

The name of David Brevik is well known in the gaming industry. Together with the brothers Schaefer, Max and Eric, he founded the studio in 1993 Condor entertainment. The team began developing their first game, dubbed Diablo. Blizzard really liked her, so the last one bought the studio in 1996, renaming it Blizzard north nine months before the release of the project.

After leaving Blizzard North in 2003, Brevik took part in the development of Hellgate: london, Marvel heroes and other games. He is currently working in his own independent studio. Graybeard gameswho released a role-playing game in May 2019 It lurks below.

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