New Year – new bugs: PC gamers could not launch Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and WWE 2K20 in 2023

According to numerous reports from the network, the beginning of 2023 for PC gamers who decided to launch Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and WWE 2K20turned out to be overshadowed by a strange internal error. When you try to start these games, a crash to the system’s desktop constantly occurs. Some suggested that the problem lies in the technology of protection against unauthorized hacking. Denuvo, but after further study of the issue, it became known that this is not so. The PC version of WWE 2K20 does not have Denuvo at all – it uses Steamworks. Comments from publishers EA and 2K Games not yet been received.

The solution to the error was found by the users themselves. All you need to do is set the system time on the computer on any of the days of last year. After these manipulations, the game will start normally.

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