Development under Nekstgen, two cities and three states, several protagonists, including twins – new rumors about Grand Theft Auto VI

On the forum Reddit a new rumor about Grand theft auto vi. Only a screenshot of the message that the tester allegedly left for a long time working in the studio was saved on the network Rockstar games.

According to the author, he is well acquainted with the publisher’s inner kitchen. As evidence, he tried to cite many details about the development Red dead redemption 2. It is not known how true the leak is and where it came from, so everything written below should be taken with a fair amount of skepticism.

Highlights of the article:

  • For the game, PS5 DevKit was used;
  • The project has been under development for quite some time, starting somewhere around the end of 2016. Around the same time, the RDR 2 marketing campaign started and the team was divided into two parts – half of the studio devoted all its efforts to producing westerns, and the second started making GTA 6;
  • RDR 2 was a huge project for Rockstar and the team literally ran out of steam. The developers were not sure that they would be able to create a fun game, and the studio managers at the same time demanded that they flood the project with small “living” details, in particular, to work out nature and visual effects;
  • RDR 2 is essentially a “test mule” of GTA 6, in which the authors plan to disperse in earnest. This will be the ultimate game, which will be difficult to surpass. The author does not know how Rockstar will be able to surpass the upcoming game in the future, calling it a real non-gen. The studio knew that it could not create GTA 6 on the PS4 and Xbox One. If she decided to release a game for the current generation, then many would have to sacrifice. In addition, they had RDR 2 on hand;

  • the development of the clouds and the creation of a realistic sky in RDR 2 was carried out for a reason, all the more so in the game there is only one mission that makes full use of the sky. The fact is that in GTA 6 there will be tremendous heavenly freedom. An insider claims that he managed to fly a military fighter and travel around the world of the game affected him to the core. He had never seen such an elaboration of land — all these roads, streets, and buildings — anywhere;
  • the map in GTA 6 will be huge. Compared to it, GTA 5 seems like a school playground in the yard. Many atmospheric effects have been noticed, such as lightning, hurricanes, morning fog and others;

  • the main storyline will be developed in two main cities: Carzer City, reminiscent of the dirty areas of the East Coast, located in Boston, and Vice City, similar to Miami in Florida. In general, the game will take place in three states. The author notes that he spent most of his time in Carzer City, as he considered it an interesting city. It was easy to get lost in it among the countless roads in the form of a spiral. He noticed many historical architectural monuments, such as a statue in Charlie Town, and the blue railway line led him straight to the airport;
  • during the trip, the author met various villages, enterprises and even a military base near Florida. Crossing the farm of Massachusetts, he found a mini-game such as fishing on the coast. GTA 6 will have small islands, a long highway with a 7-mile bridge, and other state attractions. The effects of the water surface are performed at the Sea of ​​Thieves level, and the underwater world is very good, although the author did not spend much time in it;
  • the character controlled by the player was not felt like an ordinary protagonist. Rather, it looked like a generated NPC model that did not have a voice and distinctive features. It seemed like it was just a test avatar. At the same time, the author heard that there will be several protagonists in GTA 6, two of them will be twins, and one will be a cop undercover or something like that. The player will be able to choose the permanent development of the mission, or go through it in various ways. Each protagonist has his own storyline, but the ending will be the same for everyone;

  • the game will have many new car models. The author managed to ride on the likeness of the Saber GT. Driving felt like in GTA 5. The animation will be redone while GTA 5 is a dummy for running and climbing. In general, there are a lot of such dummies, almost all the main mechanics (including shooting) are under development – no radio stations and anything like that, just studying the outside world. The author was told that in GTA 6 there will be a first-person view, but at the time of testing in the game it was not observed;
  • a basic radar is also under development, in the test version was presented its most initial beta version. The text, names, names, the amount of ammunition and the rest of the interface are not yet ready. The weapon selection wheel has been replaced with a plug;

  • The police got a very elaborate AI. Developers are promoting it under the name “Parry AI.” Operatives use more tactical maneuvers, realistic communication, and it feels like they are acting as a team. Law enforcement officers go in small numbers, use shields and tear gas, come from different directions – it all looks like in some Hollywood movie;
  • Six stars returned to the game, upon receipt of which the military will come to help. At the same time, they will not instantly appear from the air, but will give the players some time to prepare – the military will indeed advance from their base and go in real time.

In the end, an insider expressed concern that Rockstar would quickly delete his message, trying to avoid a major leak. As a result, the message disappeared.

Officially, Grand Theft Auto VI has not yet been announced. According to PSErebus, the next installment of the famous action adventure from Rockstar Games is scheduled for fall 2023.

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