Destiny: The Dark Below

Dark Below the story missions are not much different from the original Destiny : three indecently short quest in total will take you no more than one and a half hours, with a third of that time, you will admire the boot screen (too often have to go and see the hub tower).

However, each of these jobs opens up additional territory and happy new music (and it is here, of course, uh!). Bungie has tried to diversify the story missions interesting situations: for example, before the important fight to my guardian imposed curse that turns off the double jump.

Therefore dodge emerged in front of me thug with a club, I certainly could not. The big man drove me to the floor by three sweeping strokes – say that it was unexpected, to say nothing.

On another occasion demanded of me to protect military artificial intelligence called “Rasputin”. When one of the technical premises turned into a real meat grinder, “Rasputin” not invented anything better than to include classical music. But the plot tasks, of course, is not something that is worth buying Dark Below. Supplement ends dynamic but short strike, which brings us to the heart of this add – raid Crota’s End.

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Religious undead prayed entities within the crystal and called it God, but we know that there is – Sam Fisher.

Bungie – absolute genius level design, each raid resembles in every detail-calculated puzzle that can not be solved without a coordinated team work (here it is above the cool armor and marksmanship). Crota’s End – is no exception.

The huge hall, in which players get in the beginning, in the spirit of Edgar Poe – total darkness, in the distance flashed subtle silhouettes and floor carved baggy wells, lying in wait stumbled in the darkness of the Guardian. It should move to the far glimmering light sources from all sides with a deafening screech begin to blame the representatives unsuited race Beehive.

Shoot all – bad idea. The fact that the darkness slows character, and by the second effect is only amplified. You do not have time to count to ten and you will not be able to either jump or run and turn into an easy target.

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Along with the plot job, strikes and raids, Dark Below added three multiplayer arena. Although the card here and the new, the old decorations begin to pall – from colors already rusted old Russian gate.

By the way, for the owners of the PlayStation console prepared an exclusive second strike with new enemies.

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The first two hours my friends and I could not pass on the starting area until stopped and have not developed tactics. We have not learned, over ever wave of monsters, because they decided to move short dashes from one light source to another, picking up a trail of enemies.

When after the next rotation, we opened wide corridor filled with white light, our joy knew no bounds.

But the raid, we have not passed. As it turned out, the light at the end of the tunnel was only the start of our journey, which could not be overcome at once – we’ll try again. Crota’s End justifies the purchase of new additions. Moreover, we already know how to construct the raids, and we understand that more – more.

One should not forget how skillfully approached Bungie Release Dark Below – additions files were carefully delivered to the hard drive players with the next patch. The practice is not new, but in the day of release you can immediately start the game without going through a long download.

But, as it turned out, the coin has another side. Large patch has brought major changes in the balance sheet, which touched absolutely all players. The maximum level of the Guardian raised from 30 th to 32 th, and the levels themselves are now typed faster.

Clearly, what is the reason: a new raid harder earlier, and the players need somewhere to aspire to. But why increase the complexity of the task and at the same time to simplify the set of levels? Here Bungie went on-trodden path.

Players in the short term overcome the mission of the original campaign, and hence the new content they need sooner.

And just recent addition of $ 20. And all would do if these solutions do not make life easier for beginners, and are not forced to grind their teeth high-level players.

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Players pumped faster, some were increased armor options available from the merchants. Like it or not, and hard-gotten things have to break down (their values ​​have not changed) and again to buy exactly the same, but with updated features. Unpleasant.

But for that Bungie have to say thank you, because it is adjusted for awards in the playlist strikes. Additions, amendments, and the balance in an MMO above all else.

So is it worth to buy Dark Below? The answer is simple: if we now, three months after the release, do you still play Destiny, take it without hesitation – all the fun is still to come.