Destiny, It was of Triumph

It was not so long since the official announcement of Destiny 2 : the second chapter of the shooter with MMO imprint by Bungie, but it will wait a bit longer before it is shown in a more concrete form.
In this time, however, the present Destiny was not left with hands in hand: Trionfo was the event celebrating the three-year life of the title, bringing the old incursions back into existence, updating them at the level of present light and proposing to the Guardians a new set of weapons and equipment that, even here, resumes the original one except for some modification.
This past week has been the latest reincarnation of raids available, Furia Meccanica, which, like the other incursions, also sees within it a couple of challengers to complete the Triumphal Age Register. So we can pull the sums, playing all the new content and, above all, having completed the journey over three years within this wonderful universe.
Age of Triumph
Three years are not a few, especially if they lived with the intensity that Destiny used to us. I have not been three years old, but constant, but with no shadow of memorable doubts: Bungie has proposed an unprecedented gaming structure on consoles, a hybrid between FPS, MMO, GDR that has had a lot of enthusiasm since then. There have been three years of expansions, more or less successful, culminating in the Era of Triumph event that, in some ways, brings them all together to celebrate the greatness. Resume and update glorious content such as The Glass Vortex has been a smart move and definitely successful: the increased difficulty and the rewarding appeal are a towing that many players struggle to withstand.
Not to mention weapons, the elemental version of which has been rendered exotic to not affect the balance.Triumph was a play that also plays on nostalgia and memories, but it does well. In short, if there had to be some way to say goodbye to Destiny , this was the most sensible. Without mentioning the Registry, full of things to do (some boring), which will surely retain the hardcore players for a few more weeks. Pages dedicated to the crucible, the individual classes, the raids, the assaults, the Osiris tests … in short there is for every taste.
Destiny, It was of Triumph
What’s next?
Can we still expect some news? No, definitely not. The weekly rotations of the incursions will continue, just like Osiris Probes and Iron Stands, but nothing more. On May 18, there will be the official reveal of Destiny 2 ‘s gameplay with an epic preaching event, and efforts have long been focused on the sequel.
This does not mean that if any group of newbies wished to try to deploy today in the Destinyano universe, it should not do so. Certainly, it would live the evolution of the title in a more immediate and less troubled manner, but not for that less fulfilling. For the more navigated players, there is nothing left to wait in wait, September is not so far; not to mention that at E3 we will surely know more.