Day of the Tentacle

Those who enjoyed it at the time already know it but given the age of this classic LucasArts , there is a generation of players who have not had the opportunity to know this hilarious graphic adventure . Is it your case? The Double Fine team responds to this p


roblem with an excellent remastering that adapts to the new times the work of Tim Schafer and company without losing a bit of that charm that made it 23 years ago in the great masterpiece that we still remember with so much sweetie.



The tentacle that wanted to rule the world

If you ask us why … it is difficult to answer in a concrete way. With any other videogame we would say that we like his story, or that we are delig

hted with his puzzles, the design of his action, the characters, or even his graphics. But Day of the Tentacle is different; We like everything ab
out him. We adore his great sense of humor , the brilliance of his dialogues, the ingeniousness of his puzzles and his magnificent staging, which this remastering praises with a redrawing of the graphics that now, more than ever, seem to come from an animated film .


Day of the Tentacle Special Edition PC

Day of the Tentacle Special Edition analysis

In this remastering, all the graphics, scenes and characters have been redrawn keeping the style of the original. The work is admirable! but if you do not like it you can change the graphics for the classic ones.

Since you start your journey until you reach the final climax, a smile will remain unchanged on your face, a sign that you are having a great time with this graphic adventure that is also surprising because of the complexity it poses in some of its challenges. And


is not for less. There are three protagonists that we will control simultaneously in three different historical epochs! Situation that gives rise to unforgettable moments that of course we will not describe so as not to surprise those who face Day of the Tentacle for the first time.


The good that links one after the other the varied challenges in which he submerges us, the way he plays with three stories in parallel wh


ile he discovers a host of crazy secondary characters to whom it is impossible not to catch them affection; the way even in which it poses its puzz


les, fleeing from the then prevailing tonic of setting out puzzling puzzles of difficult resolution, make this a great masterpiece that has not lost a bit of the genius with which it was born two decades ago . We enjoyed Day of the Tentacle in 1993, and we also do it in 2016. Something that not all video games can boast.


In addition, his sense of humor remains relatively fresh: the jokes, the way the protagonists talk, the stereotyped design of some characters … even in this the Tim Schafer classic has aged well!


Since you start your journey until you reach the final climax a smile will remain unchanging on your face

Day of the Tentacle Special Edition

“We will not live to see yesterday”

Do you sound like Maniac Mansion ? It was the first videogame of LucasFilm Games. It was published in 1987 and thanks to its breakthr

ough user interface SCUMM was also a precursor to great classics of the genre such as The Secret of Monkey Island, the adventures of Indiana Jones, or the Day of the Tentacle itself, which is precisely the sequel to that legen
dary work … or something like that, because although they share a universe and some secondary characters, their story moves along very di
fferent paths. So it is not necessary to have enjoyed the great work of Ron Gilbert, although it is true Day of the Tentacle includes winks an
d references to that game that only the fans will understand. Do you think it’s a problem? Do not worry, Double Fine has thought of everything.


Day of the Tentacle Special Edition PC

The user interface has adapted perfectly to the new times with this radial menu that will help especially those who play with command.

Hidden in one of the computers in the game, this remastering includes as an extra the original version of Maniac Mansion -without impro


vements and with texts in English-, which you can access whenever you want. Detail that adds to other extras such as a wide variety of sketches and graphic material of the game, which will be unlocked as we progre


ss through the game, and audio comments from the development team that are a real treasure for the amount of details that are released by f


irst time. Did you know that the adventure was going to be initially starred by six characters? This and other curiosities await in this excellent remastering that has also done its homework very well when it comes to adapting its user interface .


For many it remains one of the best graphic adventures in history

We love the most veteran SCUMM and we remember with regret the times when commands such as “throw”, “push”, “use” were our daily bread. But it is clear that currently there are better alternatives, or at least much more comfortable or intuitive op

tions, and hence the new user interface of this remastering is born. It has opted for a radial menu that gives access to several options “with logic” in the context in which we are, and not all available that would be somewha
t chaotic. Design that is great to enjoy the classic with control, that we must not forget that apart from PC , also premieres on PlayStatio
n 4 and PS Vita, where it has adapted to a thousand wonders. In addition, the title is compatible with the Cross-Buy function, which means having it on both platforms at no additional cost.


Day of the Tentacle Special Edition

Day of the Tentacle Special Edition PC

Three protagonists in three different eras. The one of crazy things that you will live in this fun adventure! In addition, it surprises how much the aesthetics of the game change from one time to another even sharing the same scenario.

Also in the audiovisual Day of the Tentacle changes a lot for the better. The graphics have been redrawn and stylized the appearance of the main characters without modifying the aesthetics of the original, which is something that happened for ex


ample with the remake of the legendary The Secret of Monkey Island and its sequel. It looks and listens better than before, almost as if it were a


current game, but this remastering keeps intact the essence of the classic. Does not it just convince you what you see? Nothing happens, as it happened with the remastering of Grim Fandango and other works of the style, just press a button to return to the graphics and playability of the original. In both cases, with voices in English and texts in Spanish .


Another detail that denotes the love with which Double Fine has brought back what for many continues to be one of the best graphic adventures in history. It has everything: good story, a script with spark, endearing characters, puzzles with an exquisite design, and hilarious dialogues with which it is hard not to laugh.