Darksiders Genesis Review | Gamemag

The story of the four horsemen of the apocalypse is still far from over, and the plot of which game is already skidding in one place, annoying fans. And instead of a separate project about the adventures of Discord against the backdrop of a burning Earth, Thq together with the authors Battle chasers: nightwar offer a cooperative prequel in the genre of action with elements RPG.

Darksiders genesis, a cross between Diablo and Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, tells the story of the journey of War and Discord in an attempt to save the world from the machinations of Lucifer. The charred advice sends the nephilim to sort out a problem that doesn’t greatly expand the game universe, but gives fans of the original trilogy some tasty nostalgia.

Choosing in a free order alternately between Discord and War, you can solve simple and consecutive puzzles in single player mode or call a friend for help. In a co-op, tasks become easier, as they save you from unnecessary fuss.

The war, as in the original games, has a set of standard sword strikes, captures and special vertical attacks. You can buy elemental magic in the store and supply the hero with an earthen or electric attack, which will cause additional damage to several enemies.

Special abilities require time to charge, and the rage scale is replenished from accurate hits and guarantees you a giant shape for a while in which you can defeat even very strong bosses.

There is a slightly different story with Discord – his tricks are remote and he really wants to be like Deadpool. The hero can attack from two pistols, and having received a sufficient level of charge – shoot rare cartridges. His special ability allows him to clone himself for a limited time, causing massive damage to the enemy.

In addition to fighting skills, War and Discord have special skills that allow them to overcome traps and solve puzzles. War can activate special mechanisms with a powerful blow that throw it up. The same blow is able to clear thickets of red crystals that interfere with the plot advancement.

Discord can open teleportation points, throwing a charge of emptiness and cause a spark, by controlling which secret mechanisms can be activated.

Both heroes are able to soar on dark wings, collecting keys to doors with treasuries and special coins hanging in the air and on the ground.

Trade in the Darksiders Genesis world blooms in the void between conversations and new chapters. You can acquire techniques that allow you to carry out a chain of blows for each of the characters. There you can increase health or protection with fragments of legendary objects or expand the number of bubbles with health.