Danganon V3 Killing Harmony

The Killing Game
If the war never changes, as every episode of Fallout fails to remind us, the Danganronpa franchise’s incipit continue, undefiled, to propose a situation where a variable number of students (sixteen, this time) awakens under prison conditions, without any memory of the previous events, inevitably in the lashes of Monokuma.
The most extraordinary aspect is that, despite the fact that it has come to the third chapter, this narrative premise continues to prove to be a solid foundation for building the extravagant castles that have decreed the success of the creature of Kazutaka Kodaka, among the brightest screenwriters of the new generation Japan.
This time, after the tropical atmosphere of the second episode, it is back to the old: the Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles is similar to the unforgettable Hope’s Peak Academy, and as the latter hosts some of the most promising Japanese youth students.
The most talented pianist, the greatest entomology expert, the most visionary artist and the best cosplayer ever, are just some of the titles that the characters have deserved to deserve; yet, as in the past, they are not the extraordinary ability of each of the cast members to attract attention, rather than individual personalities, disordered behaviors, unexpected change of perspective.
Although Danganronpa V3 is not afraid to cannibalize the two previous releases, drawing on the hands of the recent past both in terms of character design and character characterization, the end result is nevertheless excellent, as long as it comes to compromises with the forcing and the resort to the commonplace typical of a certain Japanese narrative.
Of the episode in the episode, the Spike Chunsoft brand requires an additional dose of suspension of unbelief, as it is also natural that it is after three chapters close enough and all very similar to each other: homicide solutions are getting more and more silly, with peaks of improbability already from the first case, but when in return you get such a well-written plot and a cast of incredibly interesting characters, you are willing to close an eye without any problems.
It takes a couple of hours to develop sympathy and antipathy, to become enthusiastic about how to be a mate of compatriot and to draw somewhat conclusions on one another: net of characters far from reality (like robot K1-B0), each of the participants the macabre game set up by Monokuma can not invoke friends, schoolmates, colleagues, if not in the bizarre way of presenting, at least in attitude and in the way of reacting to extreme events.
We are deliberately flying over the plot because, as in the chapters that preceded it, Danganronpa V3 is a continuous blow, a coacervo of unexpected turns and sudden overturns, one of which, quite loud, arriving already within the first five or six hours of play.
Not all cases are logically unassailable, and some may not go down to see their own barbarously executed Monokuma and company company, but the truth is that Spike Chunsoft’s last effort has class to sell, so much from be able to keep the threshold of attention high even when indulging in some more verbal dialogue or in excessive explanations.
White bugs
The gameplay phases are still tripartite, following a definite structure that comes from the parent: Daily Life, Deadly Life and Class Trial alternate harmoniously, scaling the chapters of the main story in a clear and clear way.
During the Daily Life, players can freely explore the school, which will expand as the plot continues in its crazy race to the final climax: open doors, interact with the furnishings and structures of the huge jail theater conversations and conversations with other prisoners is all you can do, unless you spend coins in the casino.