Cuphead. When instead of a head – cup

Microsoft – one of the few gaming giants are still holding a press conference at gamescom. “Pressuhi” exhibition in Cologne – a dying format, real old school. But this time more and watch was almost nothing. “The most powerful» Xbox One X have all impressed, but her game to match everything yet. Does Microsoft really have nothing to boast of? I went to check if everything is so sullen in the game Koelnmesse zone marked by glowing green crosshair.
And I immediately caught my eye, that “the department» Xbox smaller playing area Sony and the Nintendo . Yes, even Ubisoft and Blizzard great scenery rebuilt! In the area of “Mike” I could try, perhaps, the only dark horse, which we have not yet spoken on gambling , – Cuphead .
A small indie project stands out among the familiar games like  PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds , Forza Motorsport 7  and Sea of Thieves , which we already know everything. Cuphead announced back in 2014, but now, a month before the release, developers have brought at gamescom 2017 is almost finished game.

Cup of tea, sir?

Undoubtedly, Cuphead attracts primarily for its retrostilistikoy. Two of the leading developers of the Canadian independent studio StudioMDHR Entertainment’s – and it’s native brothers Chad and Jared Moldenhauery – very much like the classic cartoons of the 1930s. If you catch the eye first Disney cartoons, you probably noticed that they do not have the rich colors, are accustomed to today’s children. Animations and the overall style used very different, because everything had to be done manually.
Brothers Chad and Jared Moldenhaueram had mortgaged the house to bring the project to release.
That Cuphead mimics such cartoons: the game world like a watercolor (! Almost all art really painted by hand), copies the style of classic cartoons, and in the background playing jazz tunes. Protagonists Cuphead and Mugman (you can play in co-op) – a kind of chashkogolovye creatures with protruding tubes on top. One of them is in red shorts, the other in blue, and this is the whole difference. According to the local stories, they need to repay the debt to the devil, but for this to go through many trials.

Tube – a formidable weapon

From job to job to travel will have on the global three-dimensional map (where you can also chat with random but no less expressive than the heroes themselves, secondary characters) and fight and pass the levels – in the classical two-dimensional perspective with a view from the side.
In this platformer furious complicated, and this is the only nod to the classic game. How I played and how he watched the people in the neighboring stands – died chashkogolovye all minutely. Just imagine: flies at you a huge voronoskvorechnik (that is, literally, head and wings of a bird and the body – birdhouse) and starts zaklovyvat to death. What does he oppose? Lightning-fast reaction and some superpowers, which by this time was able to open. For example, one of the characters can be unwound in the air and with furious force to splash the liquid flow from the cup-head.
Or here’s another sketch: heroes of the circus tent jumping angry legged machine to sell sweets. What to do in such a situation? And anything: jump on the platforms, trying to get away from the trajectory of the enemy’s movements, and zaplevyvat single clotted liquid.
Bosses in the game a lot, and all marvel at the unusual: here you and plague ballet dancer and a clown with his head in a balloon, and a children’s toy – duck on wheels. The latter, incidentally, is also a toy cars help, rolling on the floor and the ceiling. At such moments, and you need to change the orientation in space, time jumping from the top down, or crush.
Perhaps, Cuphead – best indie project that has been on this gamescom, and, oddly enough, the most recent impression of the Xbox game zone. The game definitely will not “sistemsellerom” and will not help the new Xbox One X to win the favor of millions of players (even the developers and refused to release on PS4), but it does not prevent you from nostalgia for a bygone era, when all the cartoons polls has not yet called “animated films” .
Exit Cuphead should be 29 September.