Cup of Life

Most Natan Dzhons II wanted to get to the promised gold Cup of Life, for which he was sent by the king of the ring. The brutal truth: the purpose of this knight – only to his corpse, press the button to open the passage. Life Goes On, unlike some Planescape: Torment, not particularly They reflect on the endless cycle of death and rebirth. Clad head to toe in armor soldiers cheerfully heading towards the nearest danger.

The average life expectancy of each of them – about six seconds. They are armed with swords, with the size of their own, but this weapon is absolutely useless. The only available methods – running and jumping. And with these two simple actions knights may freeze and turn into ice cube, complete an electrical circuit or corny die in a pit with stakes, turning it into a safe surface. All to the next owner of another ridiculous name was able to move a little further, marching over the corpses of their predecessors.

For genocide on a large scale game can chastise

The only incentive a little sorry for these poor souls and killing dozens of them, simply because it is so easy and simple – a sign of the results at the end of the level, indicating the maximum number of victims and the passage of time. And for genocide on a large scale, and the game can chastise; not serious, of course, and in besshabanom cynical spirit that pervades everything.

Review of Life Goes On.  Game Review - Image 2Coub

From circular saws and conveyor belts covered with thorns developers are moving to more and more sophisticated abuse. Fearless characters to try yourself in the role of cannon balls fly in antigravity fields encounter situations when you need to die, but can not do it, and when it is impossible, but always something goes wrong. At some point, there are puzzles to transport the deceased from the place of death to the next button. Mountains of corpses grows, the scenery fly by. It is simply arranged, but not primitive entertainment, without costing too much moralizing and swirling script.

Review of Life Goes On.  Game Review - Image 3Coub

Puzzles do not cause problems, but the levels are traversed in a few minutes. Life Goes On would look great on a portable platform with its structure, divided into short lengths. The plot is simple and abstract: a single dialogue, no explanation why the king needed the same cup. The only difference from the final end of any other level is enclosed in a shock dose of sarcastic jokes and comments from developers.