Creepy sounds and ghosts in the horror trailer “Nobody Ends Alive”

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Online cinema Netflix published a trailer for a horror movie “No one gets away alive“, which is an adaptation of the book of the same name by the British writer Adam Neville.

By the production of an adaptation of the book’s original source, which received critical acclaim and noted “August Derleth Prize“, directed by Santiago Menghini and the production company The imaginariumwho released a horror movie for Netflix “Ritual“Written by John Crocker and Fernanda Koppel.

The plot of the tape tells about an emigrant performed by Christina Rodlo (“Too old to die young“), who rents a cheap room in a guesthouse, where she finds herself in a nightmare trap.


According to the director, when working on the film, his sources of inspiration were “Room of fear“David Fincher and the Horror Series”The ghosts of the house on the hill“Mike Flanagan.

The premiere of the film “Nobody Leaves Alive” September 29

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