Cover Girl GTA: San Andreas and CJ – Singer and Outlaw Cosplay

Grand Theft Auto

Russian model Anna Shakhovskaya made a cosplay for the girl from the cover of GTA: San Andreas, the singer Rochell’le. She fantasized what the meeting of the blonde and the main character of the title CJ could be like. Male roles were performed by Zhus Zhuashim Kiendo and Gildas Koulibali. Photos posted on Shakhovskoy’s social networks.



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Anna Shakhovskaya
Anna Shakhovskaya:

“Rochelle and CJ have never met in the game. But we thought, since they live in Los Santos, their meeting could well be possible) What do you think? “

According to the lore of GTA: San Andreas, the cover model is called Rochell’le, this is a famous R&B and hip-hop artist. She does not appear in the game, the story of the blonde Rockstar Games wrote only on the advertising page “Forgotten Legends of West Coast Rap”, which promotes GTA. The biography is probably copied from the real-life singer Mariah Carey, and the spelling style of the name is borrowed from the R&B singer Michel’le.

Cosplay for the cover girl of GTA: San Andreas. Cosplayers: Anna Shakhovskaya, Zhus Zhuashim Kiendo and Gildas Koulibaly. Photographer: @alenamogan. Source:
  • Cosplayer: Anna Shakhovskaya.

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