Better than many others
Cosmic is a browser game and how it should be treated as one of those cool pastimes that do not take away more than a dozen minutes during a break at work or for a moment to stop during the study. The use of the parameters by which other titles are evaluate
d, such as graphics, sound or longevity, would be a mistake and ignore the nature of the game. The Cosmic graphics componentruns out of a handful of scanty screens, the animations are completely absent, and the designs and des
igns of the ships do not compare with any other modern production. The sound just does not exist, while, in terms of longevity, the game may also last your whole life, or that of the servers hosting Cosmic. A second factor to keep in mind if you want to try the title, which we underline is completely free, is its state of development:
Cosmic is currently in its second phase of beta and as it almost always happens in these cases , any accumulated progress, unlocked spaceships, and sanctioned alliances will be reset at the end of this session. If you have already spent your time with some Co
smic couple , you will know that this is not a recent thing, given the long times that these titles often require to complete any kind of action: you want to build a factory for your village? Well, wait four hours and twenty-three minutes and you’ll see a new icon in your settlement. Definitely little fulfilling and stimulating.
Cosmic , already in this trial version, seeks to ward off the long wait times, the burglary rising from connecting every half hour to the game to see that the biblical times needed to have some extra resources are not yet over. With this we do not want to say that every click is an immediate reaction to the game, but only a few days to play a little sense of progress just a few hours of gaming, at best, even for less savvy users.
The second mistake that led many other browser games to fast closing was the excessive demand for resources to build buildings or enlist troops: before an army worthy of that name could defend the settlement, this was already over in flames due to some enemy incursion. As for the waiting times, Cosmictry to put a couple of pieces on this plague: on the one hand, the amount of res
ources necessary to open an embassy, ​​to build a silicon warehouse or to assemble an astronaut is at least reasonable – even as you go the demands are increasing ever more quickly – on the other hand, a newly enrolled user who is set off in front of interfaces and menus and completely at the mercy of other players enjoys immunity for seven days, when he can not face any offense .
What do you do in space?
Cosmic is thus a browser game that can somehow limit the worst defects typical of the genre and try to get loved by the new users, taking them by the hand and guiding them to the discovery of all its mechanics, thanks to a tutorial that we do not dare to define better than many other visas in “real” games, in which missions also serve to accumulate materials more quickly.
The landing on Cosmicit’s not the simplest and moving between the panels and figuring out what all the buttons and buttons are all around here and there can be an effort that is going to escape many users. As said in the extensive and comprehens
ive tutorial, it helps little to move the first steps and makes clear all the gaming dynamics, in fact very simple, to say it quite repeti
tive and that we hope to be expanded in the final release. Actually, the actions required in Cosmicthey are quite simple: there is a colony on which to build and improve various types of buildings, each of which gives access to new ships or other sections of the game: for exa
mple, the embassy is needed to enter a corporation, the military academy is the basis for the recruitment of the ships with which to attack the opposing players, while the astronomical yard is the starting point for all transport and resource collection units.