The return of the Cossacks

 Cossacks 3 review

In fact, on the official description of the game we talk about remake and not sequel, which can generate a lot ‘of confusion given the number three placed after the title. Out of curiosity we went to reread our old reviews of Cossacks: European Wars and Cossacks II: Napoleonic Wars to discover with some disappointment that many of the concepts expressed then can also apply to the last effort of the resuscitated GSC Game World.

 Cossacks 3 gameplay


In short, the interface has remained the same, the missions are the same, with the same conformation of the maps and even the tactics are very similar, with lots of artificial intelligence kissed that makes the same mistakes.


The few differences are dictated by the renewal of the graphics engine, now completely 3D , which has imposed some small variations, but in general it is hard to really consider it more than a remastered edition. At this point it is reasonable to ask how to review it, given that the title hides a completely different nature from what might be expected. But before proceeding, let’s spend a few words on the gameplay.

We have reviewed  cossacks 3 game, an old title that can be exciting


The Cossacks series was a great success. For the first two chapters, mentioned in the previous paragraph, we speak of millions of copies sold. In particular, the countries of Northern Europe


Germany above all, gave him a warm welcome. The main reason for its success lay in the choice to focus on greater realism of the battles, with thousands of units involved instead of the usual handful offered by Westwood school real-time strategists.

The return of the Cossacks

Some dynamics were similar to those seen in the various Dunes 2, Warcraft 2 and epigones, ie there were six resources to collect, buildings to build and improve, troops to hire or train and so on, but the whole thing had much more rhythms lenses, comparable to those of an Age of Empires, while the battles were more uncertain and played on the ability to manage the armies and not the individual units.


To conclude one of the advanced missions of a cossacks game 3 it could take hours, given the time required to amass an army and to achieve the various objectives.


The management phase itself was not very fast, but allowed finesse such as the erection of fortifications and a wider exploitation of the territory compared to the competitors. Individual buildings could be upgraded in various ways


It must be said that the constructive part was concentrated in the initial phases of each map, and then left room for the combative part, which occupied the rest of the mission time. In some cases we had to commit ourselves to building several cities, but in general the formula “gather resources-build buildings-train generates army” was respected by almost all the campaign missions. In short, the fans had their reasons to love the title of GSC Game World!

 Cossacks 3 release

Developer(s) GSC Game World
Publisher(s) GSC Game World
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows, Linux
Release September 20, 2016
Genre(s) Real-time strategy
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer

 Сossacks 3 nations

Nations description, the most powerful nation
As the Cossacks 3 is a simple remake of the original game Cossacks: European Wars, all the nation moved into a new game without a first name. We have prepared an overview of the nations Cossacks 3. We offer you our nations description Cossacks 3. It will help you become familiar with the features in the game Cossacks 3 nations to understand their differences, advantages, to compare the pros and cons, as well as to determine the best and most powerful nation the third Cossacks!

  • Austria
    It is a classic example of a typical game for the European countries. It has just three unique units. From pluses it is worth noting the possibility of very quickly build a market that will properly allocate resources in the first minute of the fight. By the way, the Austrians are very comfortable to play against a strong Ukraine. Specific weaknesses in Austria there is, except that most of the buildings are quite large in size, so that over time to focus will not be easy among the many buildings, but it’s a matter of habit and experience.
  • Algeria
    This nation offers enough gameplay specific, aimed at the rapid conquest of superiority and victory in the first minutes of the game. She has a great selection of cheap, have good performance units attack. So rush – our all. But in Algeria is very expensive cavalry, and the transition to the 18th century and completely impossible.
  • England
    It represents a good average performance. We have the opportunity to play for the Highlanders, British – owners of the best in the cuirassiers game, but quickly move into the 18 st century will not work.
  • Bayern
    The main advantage – cheap and good in the battle of cavalry, among other things, to improve it very cheap. Very good Musketeers 18th century, only to go in this century, while playing for Bayern Munich, it is not so simple. There are problems with spearmen – it is not enough that are expensive, so also not the best of the characteristics.
  • Venice
    Just note very beautifully drawn all developers of the building of this nation – for lovers of beauty. The main emphasis in the game for the Venetians to do to pump mounted troops – stables built quickly because it was cheaper, so that the enemy can suddenly be seen on the basis of its large units of cavalry of the Venetian.
  • Denmark
    Home is your task – not to give the enemy opportunity to defeat the Danes in the first minute of the fight. The second most important task – to quickly go to the 18th century. The fact that the Danes one of the best in the game Musketeers. He speaks excellent bayonet, it is very cheap upgrades, the biggest among the other musketeers firing range. So that your tactics – doterpet before the construction of the barracks of the 18th century, and then crush the enemy musket fire.
  • Spain
    The average power of the nation. Its main advantage – a good early infantry. Musketeers 17th century are breastplate and increased in comparison with other similar units, the health.
  • Netherlands
    If about the Dutch cavalry nothing special to say, here is the barracks of the 17th century will delight the player the fastest construction speed of the Musketeers, inexpensive improvements for lancers. It looks good in this regard, and similar units of the 18th century.
  • Poland
    Gorgeous people, being able to play for it, you can win almost immediately after the start of the battle. Secret – cheap pikemen. For their construction, and it happens almost instantly, no need to iron, they pumped protection almost for free, have excellent attack speed. Well, the highlight – the winged hussars, one of the fastest units in the game are excellent indicators of attack and defense.
  • Portugal
    The only game in the nation, in which the port is capable of performing the function of the tower, as has the ability to shoot a gun. Among the other features include the relatively inexpensive improvement for the troops of the 18th century.
  • Prussia
    Cockroaches will delight us with one of the most powerful recent Musketeers in the game. Incidentally, the very stable is cheap, as its upgrade. Interesting and Hussars – they are relatively cheap but inferior to analogues of other nations in characteristics. Balanced and popular in a nation of players.
  • Russia
    A very interesting option. On the one hand, we are able to quickly defeat the enemy at the expense of cheaper construction barracks (you can immediately try to build several of them) and the strongest in the game Lancer of the 17th century. On the other hand, we are able to defend and hard to wear down the enemy at the expense of the right of defense game. This is facilitated by an effective tower is not required for the construction of gold and a great knight unit, which has increased protection from bullets or shell fragments.
  • Ukraine
    Given that the game did Ukrainian studio, this nation is perhaps one of the most exciting and unusual game. The first – the peasants are full of military units – they can capture enemy buildings, and do not pass to the capture of the enemy (exception – the farmers who are in the mines). At the same time, Ukrainians can not build stone walls, they have no navy, spearmen and officers able to generate from the crowd of soldiers fighting force, to master the different types of constructions. Also Ukrainians can not go in the 18 th century. But this is not a problem, because once the nation’s four unique units and Serdyuk is the best in the game infantry fire units. Your tactics – quick construction of barracks and destroy the enemy a beautiful set of infantry and cavalry, as soon as possible.
  • France
    It reveals its potential in the transition to the 18th century, so only do this step will not be easy due to the high cost of the resource. Interesting gameplay offers a royal musketeer – killer shot the one hand, and a very low rate on the other. Also, the French have a great unique infantryman of the 18th century – the huntsman.
  • Sweden

    Your main goal – the construction of the barracks of the 18th century. The fact that the Swedes have the most powerful in the game pikemen of the 18th century. Add to it yet and Swedish Reiter, and get a very good set of troops to victory in battle.

 Cossacks 3 system requirements

Recommended requirements:

Intel Core i5-3470, 3.20GHz or AMD FX-6300, 3.5Ghz
nVidia GeForce 560 / ATI Radeon HD 7900 Series
Version 9.0c
Windows XP/7/8/10
6 GB available space
Broadband Internet connection