CoD: milestones of evolution and whether the franchise a rest?

Call of Duty – a truly unique phenomenon in the history of modern game development. Each year, millions of players are waiting for a new piece, and every year more and more dissatisfied becomes – is enough to recall the scandalous negative reaction to the first trailer for Infinite Warfare.

But here’s the paradox: in spite of everything, CoD remains the best-selling game in the world.

The audience returned punctually, and here it is necessary to take into account that there is a huge reservoir of gamers buying just a few games a year, but potroshaschih them until until fall last achivki.

Success in media such perfectionists – an important but not the only factor CoD support. But even among the loyal fans patience is not infinite. Start and sales dynamics Infinite Warfare, of course, better than the Battlefield 1, but the latest Call of Duty is behind my previous article. Ie success is still stunning, but the first signs of stagnation are already evident.

Some of the most ardent critics claim that the whole thing in the setting. CoD did not have to move in a questionable distant future. All these rocket backpack, double jumping and sliding on the walls, allegedly turned a normal tactical confrontation between the two teams in the random Brownian motion. However, all these cries cushion warriors – no more than a repetition of the past, but not any real reason for going.

The fact that an impressive amount of time ago – in the year 2007 – Call of Duty franchise has gone through exactly the same revolution. The action has moved from the era of the Second World War to modern.

Laser sights, air strikes and advanced types of weapons then gave Call of Duty a lot more than a slide and a jetpack in the last 2 years. And yet even in those days there was a lot of purists and reactionaries who claimed that it was necessary to stay in the 40-ies of the last century.

In general, the setting has nothing to do with it. On the contrary: Advanced Warfare combines the best elements of Crysis, Halo and even Titanfall, which allowed thorough refresh key franchise Activision. Infinite Warfare just went on this path even further, to develop the concept of exoskeletons and added space fighters.

Perhaps the most important event in the history of Call of Duty has occurred in the year 2007. It has radically changed the nature of multiplayer: In addition to the battle for the victory with the other players has another key goal – a slow, almost Korean grind on gun and accessories. And in 2007, the year of crisis, Activision realizes the only way – to continue to do roughly the same thing, but better. Or even more.

And the approach, of course, applied in practice. In Modern Warfare was only a dozen trunks, a modest amount of mods and a handful of skins. In addition, each gun was equipped with only one accessory: for example, an assault rifle was impossible to hang simultaneously and barrel-attached grenade launcher, and an infrared sight. But in the Infinite Warfare on each trunk can be hung as many as 6 of accessories – the evolution is evident.

The use of some systems of Korean MMO – too. New sight? 400 frags. New skin? 50 Headshots. Even cooler things with epic guns, giving a real advantage in a match: the purchase of even one of them, the average gamer will need about 50 hours of severe grind. In the same Destiny during this time, you can simply drown in the arms.

And pay attention to the term “average” – it is not by accident. Simply put, it is someone as lucky. There are cases when people were recruited for 40 hours only 600-game currency units and the total cost of the arsenal of the experimental laboratory is 139 thousand. In general, everything is arranged so that literally tie the player to the TV screen. Or monitor.

One of the potential problems could be the design of cards and the overall mechanics of the multiplayer. Arena arranged so that they are very quick and easy to run around the perimeter – especially if the player has mastered the dzhetpakom and slide. As a result of unbalanced matchmeykinge team about running around in circles and kill noobs. It is estimated that the duration of one life freshman Infinite Warfare is 15-20 seconds!

By itself, the argument is not particularly significant, as many would say that it is necessary to gain experience (git gud, so to speak), and all will be chocolate. But there is another problem: even in an ideal selection rivals will benefit for those who spent the game in the greatest amount of time. And I was able to buy themselves the most legendary gun, giving the advantage.

But this is, after all, can not be a real factor in slowing sales of the new CoD. For example, a Korean MMO c very similar deficiencies have millions of fans, and they do not complain. In order to better justify their point of view and conclusion (which is still followed, do not worry), we quickly look at the second most famous annual franchise in the history of game development – Assassin’s Creed.