Cocaine in a sock, marijuana in flaps, weapons and viruses in the trailer of the Airport Contraband

Polish studio DRAGO Entertainment with the support of the publisher Playway working on another simulator. it Airport contrabandin which we have to head the airport security department.

Tourists and cargo planes can try to transport anything they want across the border, from marijuana to weapons and bombs. If you carefully inspect passengers, cargo and aircraft, then you can stop a lot of crimes. But no one forbids giving up high morality and cutting one’s fortune on bribes for inattention.

Recent events in the world are also reflected in the game. The developers added a virus threat to the list of dangers: an infected passenger may appear at the airport, and this will lead to the quarantine of the entire enterprise.

The story campaign will begin at a small airfield in South America, where generally accepted standards are lower than in European capitals. But if you treat the work with diligence and zeal, then the employees will be imbued with respect, and having formed a team, it will be possible to move to a more prestigious place.

Airport Contraband should go to Steam this year. The game has no exact release date.

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