In the shadow

Games with asymmetric cooperative multiplayer to date, there are not many. It is especially unfortunate that in many cooperative games working principle of the ill-fated “essential we do not have” – ​​and eventually co-flow can easily turn into a single player if the partner is not zealous and able.

Just such a situation occurred with one of the two major campaigns Resident Evil: Revelations 2 – almost helpless heroine (and played for it) was offered the role of observer rather than an active participant in action.

Clandestine, developed by Logic Artists Danish studio, offers a completely different approach to the cooperative: the two main characters operate on completely different fronts, even helping each other, and the gameplay for Katya stelsovo to deal with enemies, and Martin, who, meanwhile, hacks computers and find passwords to the desired correspondence, differ radically.

Strictly speaking, the main character Clandestine is still Katia Kozlova, a skilled and experienced agent. The talented attacker Martin Simborsky in between missions seems to be some kind of unnecessary, even a little melancholy is: because of this, it seems as if the developers had hoped that the game will take place in a single, occasionally resorting to Martin.

However, the main charm lies in its Clandestine asymmetric multiplayer, and if you do not have a partner ready to be constantly in touch and respond to various actions by the partner for this game better not pitch at all.

So, we have two heroes: cool mercenary and not less steep hacker. The game is set in the mid-90s, a difficult period for everyone who lived in the USSR and the Eastern Bloc, and most missions reduced to a showdown with the suspect from the point of view of security services officials.

Martin and Kate, as expected, talk with customers in English, but occasionally the heroine allows herself to move into the Russian, especially when it deals with the Czech, give her a gun. Fortunately, we not only hear the coarse and vulgar accent, but they themselves replicas look alive and adequate in such dialogues.

Review of Clandestine

With a tiny base, which has nothing to do really, Kate and Martin repeatedly sent on a mission, while visiting a variety of cities and countries.

Every time their presence in new places is different from the point of view of each of the characters: if Kate sees around him the room, hallways and the NPC walk in him, Martin often have to settle for a schematic diagram of each floor.

Despite the fact that the bespectacled Polish hacker never, in fact, is not present on the job, without his support Katya, even armed with the best way, it is quite helpless figure.

Yes, but it can kill or euthanize the guards blocking the way (Martin, at best, can activate the switchboard in the hope that someone will come up against him), but without his ally dial courageous and clever heroine sometimes step can not set foot.

Review of Clandestine
Here is the interface with the game for the Martin.

Let all active actions endured by Katie – she gets into the right building and eliminates disturbing her subjects – namely Martin saves her time and time again by the unexpected clashes with the guards.

Due to the communication with colleagues every time she can to make sure that the closest surveillance camera is turned off, going close enemies labeled figures (all you can mark up to three opponents), and first aid kits or replacement cartridges may appear in the critical moments.

It can be assumed that, unlike Katie, which may at any time to receive a bullet in the forehead and forced, as it should be in a stealth-action game, to think through each step of the game Martin leisurely and certainly safe. With the latter, of course, you can not argue: the maximum that could threaten the hero, so it is a local network guard, unplug it for a short time.

Nevertheless, bored yawn and do not have the game for the hacker. He sees only the circuit network so sometimes can be connected to the black-and-white cameras to survey the space, but it needs to constantly monitor the movements of Katie, possibly warning her about approaching enemies, blind alleys or with important computer files.

Review of Clandestine